CUSAT Computer Networks Question Paper Nov 2006

CUSAT Computer Networks Question Paper Nov 2006




BTS(C) – VII – 06 – 044 (A)

B. Tech Degree VII Semester Examination November 2006

                     CS/EC/IT 701 COMPUTER NETWORKS

(2002 Admissions Onwards)

Time : 3 Hours                                                                                            Maximum Marks: 100

  1. (a) Describe the different LAN topologies                      (10)

(b) What is X.25 network standard? Discuss briefly.      (10)


  1. (a) What is TCP/IP reference model? Explain about functions of each layer,                                                 (10)

(b) Give the ATM architecture and discuss the functions of each layer.                                                                     (10)

  1. (a) How the channel partition multiple access systems are classified? Explain.                                                       (10)

 (b) What is Ethernet protocol? Briefly describe the Ethernet standard.                                                          (10)


  1. (a) Explain the working of a sliding window protocol.                     (10)

(b) How a Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) systems are classified? Discuss about each type.                         (10)

  1. (a) Briefly describe about the various types of Internet Control protocols.                                                          (15)

(b) Compare datagram and virtual circuit,                       (5)


  1. (a) How the IP addresses has been classified? Explain.  (10)

(b) What is congestion9 Describe different congestion control algorithms.                                                        (10)

  1. (a) Give the functions of transport layer.                          (5)

(b) What are the main issues of a connection oriented transport protocol? Explain.                                           (15)


VIII. (a) Briefly discuss about TCP congestion control methods.  (10)

(b) Describe different types of A AL protocols.                            (10)

  1. (a) How does a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) functions? Explain with one example.                    (10)

(b) What is public Key Cryptography? Explain.                            (10)


  1. (a) What is URL? Give its features.                                (10)

 (b) Write a short note on Digiial Signature,                  (10)


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