CUSAT Computer Communication and Networks Exam Paper Nov 2008

CUSAT Computer Communication and Networks Exam Paper Nov 2008

BTS(C) – VII – 08 – 050 – E

B. Tech. Degree VII Semester Examination, November 2008

EB/EI/EE 701


(2002 Scheme)

Time: 3 Hours                                                                                                  Maximum Marks: 100

I                     (a) With a neat diagram, explain the ISO OSI layers and their function.                (15)

(b) Explain die various applications of computer networks.                                   (5)


II                   (a) Explain the various network topologies.                                                           (10)

(b) Differentiate between connection oriented and connection less sources.         (10)

III                (a) What is a modem? What are its functions? Explain in detail any one type of modem. (10) (b) Explain X-21 digital interface.                                                                                       (10)


IV                (a) Explain in detail about stop and wait sliding window protocol.                   (10)

(b) Write notes on:

             (i) Terminal handling                                       (ii) Polling                                            (10)

V                  (a) What is the need for congestion control? Explain any one congestion control algorithm.

(b) Explain the working of Token ring network.                                               (10)


VI                (a) Write notes on:

          (i) IEEE 802 standard ii) CSMA/CD                                                                               (10)

   (b) What do you mean by routing? Explain any one routing algorithm.                     (10)

VII             (a) Explain about:

           (i) Remote procedure call     (ii) Client-server model                                                     (15)

   (b) What are the functions of transport layer?                                                             (5)


VIII           Write notes on:

i)                    Multiplexing

ii)                  Crash recovery

iii)                Flow control and buffering

iv)                Activity management                                                                (20)

IX                (a) What is meant by data compression? Explain any one technique.                           (10) b) Explain concurrency control in file transfer.                                                              (10)


X                  Write short notes on:

i)                    Cryptography

ii)                  Electronic mail

iii)                Distributed systems

iv)                Virtual terminal                                                                        (20)



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