CSVTU Syllabus Professional Communication in English

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University Bhilai (C.G.)
Semester: Ist Branch: Common to All Branches
Subject: Professional Communication in English Code: 300111 (46)

Unit – I
Some Key Concepts
Process and Elements of Communication: context of communication; the speaker/writer and the listener/reader; Medium of communication; Principles of communication (7 C’s of communication); Barriers in communication, effective communication; Communication in organization.
Unit – II
Selecting material for expository, descriptive, and argumentative pieces; Resume; covering letter, Elements of letter writing and style of writing, business letters: Quotation and Tenders; Basics of Informal and Formal Reports-technical report writing, lab report; Précis writing.
Unit – III
Effective Reading; reading different kinds of texts for different purposes; reading between the lines. Comprehension of Unseen Passages.
Grammar in use: Errors of Accidence and syntax with reference to Parts of Speech; Agreement of Subject and Verb; Tense and Concord; Use of connectives, Question tags. Voice and Narration. Indianism in English: Punctuation and Vocabulary, Building (Antonym, Synonym, Verbal Analogy and One Word Substitution).
Unit – IV
Achieving desired clarity and fluency; effective speaking; task-oriented, inter-personal, informal and semi-formal speaking.
Meetings, Seminar, Conferences, Interviews, Presentation, Audio-visual communication.
Unit – V
Achieving ability to comprehend material delivered at relatively fast speed; comprehending spoken material in Standard Indian English, British English and American English; Intelligent listening in situations. Advantages of listening. Hearing and Listening; Essentials of Good Listening. Use of Modern Communication Devices; Telephonic Conversation.
Name of the Text Books:
 Sharma RC & Mohan K – “Business Corresponding and Report Writing”, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, 1994.
 Alok Jain, P S Bhatia & A M Shiekh – “Professional Communication Skills; S. Chand & Company Ltd. 2005.
 Rajendra Pal and JS Korlahalli – “Essentials of Business Communication”, Sultan Chand & Sons, 1997.
 A guide to Correct English – Oxford University Press, Ely House, London W.I., Latest Edition. (For Unit III)
 English Sentence Structure by T.C. JUPP, and JOHN MILNE, ELBS edition published by Heinemann Educational Books Ltd. – Latest Edition. (For Unit III)
Name of the Reference Books:
 Fiske, john – “Introduction to Communication Studies”, Rotledge London, 1990.
 Geoffrey Leech & Jan Svartvik – “A Communicative Grammar of English”, ELBS Longman, England.
 Bill Scott – “The Skills of Communicating”, Jaico Publishing House, Mumbai, 2004.
 Gartside L- “Model Business Letters”, Pitman, London, 1992.
 Krishna Mohan & N. P. Singh – “Speaking English Effectively”; MacMillan India, New Delhi; 2001.
 100 Tests in VOCABULARY; Indian Institute of Publishing, Chennai.
 Communication skills for technical students, book-I; July 1995; compiled by the Curriculum Development Centre, TTTI, Western Region, Bhopal; Somaiya Publications Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi.
 A Prelude to English by L. A. HILL, Oxford University Press, Madras-Latest Edition.
 The English Errors of Indian Students by T.L.H. Smith – Pearse, I.E.S., Oxford University Press, Madras- Latest Edition.
 Grammar and Composition by P.R. Sarkar, Anand Marg Publications, Kolkata

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