CSVTU Syllabus, Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering (New)

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University Bhilai (C.G.)
Semester: B.E 1st /2nd Semester Branch: Common to All Branches
Subject: Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering (New) Code – 300219 (37) 

Unit – I
Resultant and Equilibrium Analysis:
Basic concepts and laws of mechanics, system of forces, free body diagram, Resultant and equilibrium of concurrent, parallel and non-concurrent co-planar force system. General numerical applications.
Unit – II
Perfect truss, basic assumptions for perfect truss, analysis of axial forces in the members by method of joint and method of sections. General numerical applications.
Static, dynamic and limiting friction, Law of limiting friction, Angle of friction, Angle of Repose, Cone of Friction, Wedge friction. General numerical applications
Unit –III
Properties of Surfaces
Centre of Gravity, Second moment of area, determination of second moment of area by integration, polar moment of inertia, radius of gyration of area, Parallel axis theorem, Moment of inertia of composite areas, determination of Product of inertia by integration.
Kinetics of Particles
(a) D’Alembert’s principle applied to bodies having rectilinear motion.
(b) Principle of work and Energy: General numerical applications
(c) Principle of Impulse and momentum: General numerical applications
(a) Thermodynamic System, properties, process, cycle, thermodynamic equilibrium, Quasi-static Process, Zeroth Law of thermodynamics, Work and Heat transfer, flow work, general numerical application.
(b) First Law of thermodynamics, internal energy, proof of internal energy as a point function, general numerical application of first law to non-flow process and steady flow process.
Name of the Text Books:
1. Engineering Mechanics (Statics and Dynamics) ; A. K. Tayal ,Umesh Pub., Delhi
2. 2. Engineering Mechanics : S. Timoshenko and D.H. Young,TMH
3. 5. Engineering Thermodynamics: P.K.Nag, TMH
4. 6 Engineering Thermodynamics: C.P.Arora, TMH
Name of the Reference Books:
1. Engineering Mechanics (Statics and Dynamics): R.C.Hibbeler, Pearson
2. Engineering Mechanics:Meriam and Kreige ,John Wiley and sons
3. Thermodynamics: Cengel and Boles, TMH
4. Essentials of Engg Mechanics: S.Rajasekharan& G.Shankara Subramaniyam, Vikas Publications
5. Engineering Mechanics: Basudeb Bhatytacharya , Oxford

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