CSVTU Syllabus, Environment & Ecology

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University Bhilai (C.G.)
Semester: IInd Branch: Common to All Branches
Subject: Environment & Ecology Code: 300212 (20)

General: Environmental segments, environmental degradation, environmental impact assessment.
Concept of Ecosystem: Fundamental of Ecology and Ecosystem, components of ecosystem, food-chain, food-web, trophic levels, energy flow, cycling of nutrients, major ecosystem types (forest, grass land and aquatic ecosystem).
Air Pollution: Atmospheric composition, energy balance, classification of air pollutants, source and effect of pollutants – Primary (CO, SOx, NOx, particulates, hydrocarbons), Secondary [photochemical smog, acid rain, ozone, PAN (Peroxy Acetyl Nitrate)], green house effect, ozone depletion, atmospheric stability and temperature inversion, Techniques used to control gaseous and particulate pollution, ambient air quality standards.
Water Pollution: Hydrosphere, natural water, classification of water pollutants, trace element contamination of water, sources and effect of water pollution, types of pollutants, determination and significance of D.O., B.O.D., C.O.D. in waste water, Eutrophication, methods and equipment used in waste water treatment preliminary, secondary and tertiary.
Land Pollution & Noise Pollution: Lithosphere, pollutants (agricultural, industrial, urban waste, hazardous waste), their origin and effect, collection of solid waste, solid waste management, recycling and reuse of solid waste and their disposal techniques (open dumping, sanitary land filling, thermal, composting).
Noise Pollution: Sources, effect, standards and control.
Environmental Biotechnology: Definition, current status of biotechnology in environmental protection, bio-fuels, bio-fertilize, bio-surfactants, bio-sensor, bio-chips, bio-reactors.
Pollution Prevention through Biotechnology: Tannery industry, paper and pulp industry, pesticide industry, food and allied industry.
1. Environment and Ecology by Piyush Kant Pandey and Dipti Gupta (Sum India Publication)
2. A Textbook of Environmental Chemistry and Pollution Control by S.S. Dara (S. Chand and Company)
1. Masters, G.M. Introduction to Environment Engineering and Science (Prentice Hall of India).
2. Environmental Chemistry by A.K. Dey (Eastern Ltd.).
3. Environmental Chemistry by B.K. Sharma (Krishna Prakashan).
4. Nebel B.J. Environmental Science (Prentice Hall of India-1987).
5. Environmental Biotechnology by S.N. Jogdand (Himalaya Publishing House).
6. Introduction to Environmental Biotechnology by A.K. Chatterji (Prentice Hall of India).

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