CSVTU Syllabus, Elements of Electrical Engineering (New)

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University Bhilai (C.G.)
Semester: Ist Branch: Common to All Branches
Subject: Elements of Electrical Engineering (New) Code: 300118(24)

Unit – 1
D.C. Networks: Introduction, Classification of elements – active , passive, unilateral, bilateral, linear, nonlinear, lumped and distributed; Electric circuit, Ohm‟s law, Kirchhoff‟s laws, Mesh and Nodal analysis, Delta-Star and Star-Delta Transformations, Superposition theorem, Thevenin‟s and Norton‟s theorems, Maximum Power Transfer theorem (Only independent sources).
Unit – 2
Single Phase A.C. Circuits: Production of ac voltage, waveforms and basic definitions, root mean square and average values of alternating currents and voltage, form factor and peak factor, phasor representation of alternating quantities, the j operator and phasor algebra, analysis of ac circuits, series circuits, parallel circuits, series parallel circuits, power in ac circuits.
Unit – 3
Three Phase AC circuits: Introduction, Generation of Three-phase EMF, Phase sequence, Connection of Three-phase Windings – Delta and Star connection : Line and Phase quantities, phasor diagrams, Power equations in balanced conditions.
Magnetic Circuits: Introduction, Magnetomotive force (MMF), Magnetic field strength, Reluctance, B-H curve, Comparison of the Electric and Magnetic Circuits, Series-Parallel Magnetic Circuit, Leakage flux and fringing, Magnetic Hysteresis, Eddy currents.
Unit – 4
Single phase Transformers: Introduction, Principles of operation, Constructional details, Ideal Transformer and Practical Transformer, EMF equation, Rating, Phasor diagram on no load, Losses, Efficiency calculations.
Direct current machines: Constructional details, Principle of operation of DC machines, e.m.f. equation, Torque production, classification of DC machines, Starting of DC motors.
(Only elementary treatment with simple problems on all the topics in this unit)
Unit – 5
Electrical Measuring Instruments: Introduction, classification of instruments – Indicating, Recording and Integrating type instruments; essential features of measuring instruments – deflecting torque, controlling torque, damping torque; Construction and working of moving iron and PMMC instruments, Shunt and multipliers.
Text Books:
1. V.N. Mittle and Arvind Mittal, “Basic Electrical Engineering”, Second Edition, Tata McGraw Hill.
2 Del Torro, Vincent “Electrical Engineering Fundamentals”, Second Edition Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd.
Reference Books:
1. Fitzrald and Higgonbothom, “Basic Electrical Engineering”, Fifth Edition, McGraw Hill.
2. D.P. Kothari and I.J. Nagrath, “Theory and Problems of Basic Electrical Engineering”, PHI.
3. I.J. Nagrath and D.P. Kothari, ”Electrical Machines”, Tata McGraw Hill.
4 Ashfaq Hussain, “Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering”, Third Edition, Dhanpat Rai and Co.
5. H. Cotton, ”Advance Electrical Technology,” ISSAC Pitman, London.
6. Parker Smith S. (Ed. Parker Smith N.N.), “Problems in Electrical Engineering”, Tenth edition, Asia publication.

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