CSVTU Syllabus, Elements of Electrical Engineering (Lab)

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University Bhilai (C.G.)
Semester: Ist Branch: Common to All Branches
Subject: Elements of Electrical Engineering (Lab) Code: 300126(24)

List of Experiments
(To perform minimum 10 experiments)
1. To verify Thevenin‟s theorem and Norton‟s theorem.
2. To verify Superposition theorem.
3. To verify Kirchhoff‟s Current Law and Kirchhoff‟s Voltage Law.
4. To verify Maximum Power Transfer theorem
5. To determine V– I characteristics of Incandescent lamp.
6. To study B-H curve.
7. To measure current, power, voltage and power factor of series RLC circuit.
8. To measure current, power, voltage of parallel RLC circuit.
9. To measure current, power, voltage of series parallel RLC circuit.
10. To measure R and L of choke coil.
11. To study construction of transformer.
12. To perform ratio test and polarity test of single phase transformer.
13. To calculate efficiency of single phase transformer by direct loading.
14. To study construction of D.C. machine.
15. To study charging and discharging of a capacitor.
16. To study the Wattmeter and Energy meter.

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