CSVTU Syllabus, Basic Civil Engineering

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University Bhilai (C.G.)
Semester: IInd Branch: Common to All Branches
Subject: Basic Civil Engineering Code: 300216 (20)

Bricks: Nominal and actual dimensions of modular and traditional bricks. Frog. Good brick earth, moulding, characteristics of good bricks, compression test and absorption test, classification of bricks.
Cement: Raw materials, wet process for manufacture of Portland cement, intial and final setting times, use of Vicat needle apparatus, distinctions between ordinary Portland cement, Pozzolana cement and slag cement, grades of cement, uses of white cement. Stone: Geological, physical and chemical classification of stone, important stones, uses of stone.Steel: Different between Cast-iron, wrought iron and steel, mild steel and Tor-steel.
Mortar: Proportions of cement mortar for various uses.
Concreate: Ingredients of concrete. Meaning of M-10, M-15 and M-20 grades, and nominal mix proportions for them. Common w/c ratios. Workability. Slump test. Compression test. Curing. Aggregate: Coarse and Fine aggregates, grading curve and fineness moduls.

Building Plans: Reading and comprehending a building plan and section. Convention of assuming the cutting plane at window sill level. Conventional symbols for representing doors etc. and electrical and sanitary fittings. Identification of footing, plinth, lintel, slab, chajja etc. on a given cross-section.
Chain Survey: Instruments used. Selection of survey-stations. Chain-lines, Off-sets, Oblique-offsets, Tie-lines, Check-lines. Ranging. Field-Book, Plotting, Survey of India Topo-sheets. Their scales and conventional symbols.
Compass Survey: The prismatic compass. Definition and types of meridian. Dip and Declination. Whole circle bearing, Fore bearing and Back bearing. Local attraction. Calculation of included angles for closed and open traverses.
Levelling: Various parts of a Dumpy level, Temporary adjustments, Interrelationship of Bubble Tube Axis, Line of Collimation and Vertical Axis, Leveling staff, technical terms used in Levelling. Fly leveling. Profile leveling. Level field book. Arthmetical checks and problems on leveling. Contours: Definition, Contour value. Identification of ridge, valley and other geographical features on a contoured plan.
Bearing Capacity: Necessity of foundations, definitions of safe bearing capacity, ultimate bearing capacity and factor of safety, considerations of failure of soil and settlement of foundation for deciding ultimate bearing capacity. Load bearing and framed construction: Load bearing wall type and framed types of constructions. Types of foundations: Sketches of spreads footing for walls, rectangular R.C.C. footing for columns and raft-foundations for a group of columns. Foundation Soils: Black cotton soil, its expansion and shrinkage, building cracks due to it, use of framed construction or under-reamed pile for B.C. soil, Good soils for foundation viz., moorum, yellw soil or silt and rock.
1. Comprehensive Basic Civil Engineering B.C. Punmia
2. Basic Civil Engineering by Ramamurutham
3. Surveying Vols I by B.C. Punmia
4. Building construction by Ahuja and Birdi

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