CSVTU Exam Papers – Professional Communication in English – Nov – Dec 2009-10 BE – I SEM

B.E. (First Semester)

Examination Nov-Dec 2009-10


Note : All questions carry equal marks. Part ‘a’ of each unit is compulsory. Attempt any two parts from b,c and ‘d’ of each unit. Question no. 3 is compulsory, with no internal choice.


Q. I. (a) Attempt a suitable definition to define the term “Communication’.

(i)        Explain the different steps in the communication cycle. Draw a neat diagram.

(ii)       What do you understand by ‘Grape-vine’? What is its importance in an organization?

(iii)      What are the different-principles of communication? Explain any three of them.


Q. 2. (a) What are the different parts of letter writing?

(b) Show difference between a ‘Quotation’ and a ‘Tender”. Place an order to “E-Telts                                                                     Solutions”, Cochin for the purchase of Language-Laboratory equipments for your college.

(c)What are the different elements of ‘Front Matter” in a report Explain them in brief.

(d)Explain the Ten steps’ that will help you in writing a good precis.



3. (a) Define the reading speeds,

(b) Do as directed:

(i)Insert a suitable preposition

Mohan has been living in this house___________ ten years.

(ii)Put ‘a’, “an” and ‘the’ where necessary:

You must always speak truth and never tell lie

(iii)Add the appropriate question tag to the given sentence

Russian is a difficult language.

(lv) Give one word for: r

A person who knows many languages.

(v)Give synonym of the word________________ cease.

(vi)Give antonym of the word______________ hope.

(vii)Change the voice of:

Who taught you English?

(viii) Change the following sentence-into indirect speech :

The teacher said to “You may say whatever you like but, your conduct was very bad yesterday”.

(ix)Supply a verb in agreement with its subject

Each of the boys. (was/were) punished for coming late to the college.

(x)Insert (should/ought to/must) in the blank :

I     love my country.

(xi) Insert little or a little in the’ blank:

We cannot prepare tea. There is only______sugar left in container


Q4 (a)What is voice-modulation ? Define it.

(b)Describe the roles of ‘Chairperson’ and secretary in me« ‘ABC— A multinational,

Company, 10,Tolstoy Road, KolKata, requires software engineers. Candidates with

Good engineering degrees can apply to the Director of the above company. Please

Send your ‘resume’ along with application.

(c) What are the guide lines you have to follow in the form, Do’s” and Dont’s in a group discussion ?


Q5     (a)What is voicemail ?

(b)Describe the traits of a good listener.

( c)Describe in brief, the process of receiving and making telephonic calls.

Discuss the advantages of E-mail and Internet in the field of communication.

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