CSVTU Previous Exams papers-B-Tech Applied Chemistry-May-June-2007

CSVTU Previous Exams papers-B-Tech Applied Chemistry-May-June-2007

BE  (1st Semester)

Applied Chemistry



1. (a) Give brief account of:

(i)Colon conditioning

(ii)Break point chlorination

(b) Calculate the quantities of lime and soda required for softening of 2,50,000 liters of water

using 24.6 ppm Na Alo2 as a coagulant . The results of analysis of raw water and softened water

is as under :

Raw water                       Softened water

Ca+2       – 240 ppm              C03        – 60 ppm

Mg+2      -108 ppm               OH-       -25.5 ppm

HCO3      – 336 ppm

CO2         – 88 ppm


(a) (i) What is demineralization of water ?

(ii) Explain with reactions the application of complex metric titration by EDTA.

(b) A water sample is alkaline to both , phenolphthalein as well as Methyl Orange. 100 ml of water

sample on titration with N HCI required 16.8 ml of the acid to phenolphthalein and point. Then

few drops of methyl orange were added and the titration was continued. Yellow colour of

the solution turned to pink on addition of 26.4 ml of total acid solution . Find out the type

and amount of. alkalinities present in the water sample .


2. (a)(i) Sketch the bomb Calorimeter

(ii) What is Octane Number ? How is it related to the chemical structure of fuel.

(b) Analysis of a coal sample is as under:

C-81.0%, H-6.0%, O-4.0% , N-2.52% and 6.48% ash .

Calculate the minimum quantity of air required for complete combustion of 1kg of coal and find

out the composition of dry flue gas by volume if 13% excess air is supplied.


 (a)(i) Compare the high temperature and low temperature carbonize.

(ii) How is nitrogen of fuel estimated by Kedah’s method ?

(b)A petroleum gas has the following composition,

Ethane – 8%

Propane – 12%

Butane – 36%

Butane – 6%

Isobutene — 34%

Propane — 4%

Calculate the volume of air required for complete combustion of 100m3 of the gas.


3.(a) Give the electro chemical theory of corrosion.

(b) What is the application of sacrificial electrode?

(c)Give the working of alkaline fuel cells.

(d)Discuss primary cells.


Give brief account of :

(a) Galvanic series

(b) Concentration cell

(c) Solar eel!

(d) Secondary Batteries


4. (a)What are the characteristics of constitutional compounds and addition

(b)What is hydrodynamic lubrication ?

(c)what are thermosetting polymers ?


(a)Discuss setting and hardening of Cement.

(b)Explain Extreme pressure Lubrication

(c)What are Natural polymers ?


5. (a)Write short notes on :

(i) Ammonium Nitrate


(iii)Oxygen Balance

(iv)High explosives


(b) Give brief account of :


(ii)Ethyl alcohol

(iii)Characteristics of good propellant

(iv)Classification of Explosives

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