CSVTU Exams Questions Papers – Ist Year – Engineering Graphics– May-June 2007

BE (2nd Semester)

            Examination-May-June 2007             

Engineering Graphics


Q.1 (a) A rectangular plot of land area 0.45 hectare is repre- sented on a map by a similar rectangle of 5 square centimeters. Calculate

the R.F. of the scale of the map. Also draw a scale to read up single meters from the map. The scale should be long enough the

measure up to 400 meter.(1 hectare = 10,000 square meters)

(b) A plot of ground is in the shape of a rectangle  110 m x 50 m  inscribe an elliptical lawn in it. Take a scale of 1: 1000(Use Oblong


(c) A coir is unwound from a drum of 30 mm diameter. Draw the locus of the free end of the coir for unwinding through an angle  of

360° Draw also a normal and tangent at any point on the curve.


Q.2 Answer any two parts:

(a) Draw the projections of the following points in third quadrant when the point A lies in the HP and 22 mm away from the VI

point B lies in the VP and 32 mm away from the HP point C lie 32 mm from the HP and 22 mm, from the VP.

(b)  A straight line AB 55 mm long makes an angle of 30° to the HP and 45° to the V.P. The end is 12 mm in front of VP and 15 mm

above HP. Draw the projections of the line AB.

      (c) A line AB 60 mm long has its end a in both the PH and VP. It i: inclined at 45° to H.P. and30° V.P. Draw the projections of the

             line AB and determine its traces.


Q.3 A circular disc 80 mm diameter and of negligible thickness lies ii a plane inclined at 30° to the HP and perpendicular to the VP.

        Its centre is 60 mm from the horizontal trace of the inclined plane. Draw its top view, front view and side view.


       A cylinder of base diameter 45 mm and height 65 mm rests on it base on H.P. It is cut by a plane perpendicular to VP and

       inclined at 30° to HP and meets the axis at a distance 30 mm from base Draw the front view, sectional top view and the true

       shape section.


Q.4 A cone of base diameter 60 mm and height 70 mm is resting on its base on HP. It is cut by a plane perpen- dicular to both the

HP and VP at a distance 15 mm to the left of the axis. Draw the development of the lateral surface of the right remaining portion.


       Draw the isometric views of the Ribbed angle plate (fig. 1)


Q.5 (a) Is compulsory. Write answer on drawing sheet.

(b) Discuss the uses of Auto CAD. What are line various options o Auto CAD main menu.

(c) Explain the functions of any five of following commands:

(i) Mirror

(ii) Trim

(iii) Hatch

(iv) Block

(v) Pline

(vi) Grid

(vii) Limit

(viii) Osnap

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