CSVTU Exams Question Papers BE Basic Civil Engineering 2nd Sem 2008-09

CSVTU Exam Question Papers BE

Basic Civil Engineering 2nd Sem 2008-09



(a)    Write advantages of Tor steel over mild steel round bars.

(b)   Decribe the for process of manufacturing of bricks  i.e) preparation of clay ,moulding ,drying and burning.

(c)    Explain the uses of vicat apparatus for the determination of normal consistency .Initial and fonal setting time of cement.

(d)   Give geological classification of rocks and mention three stones obtained from them with their, characteristics  and use.



(a)    What do you mean by curing of concrete ? How it is done ?

(b)   Liiustrate the compaction test & slump test carried out of concrete .How these test results are used and what are their numerical values for various types of concrete work?

(c)    Draw a detailed cross section of a load bearing wall, showing its foundation, plinth lintel, chhaja, a door , Reinforced cement concrete slab ,lime terracing , parapet, coping & floors.

(d)   Give Symbols for the following items in a building:

(i)                  Single swing door with double leaf

(ii)                Sliding door

(iii)               Kitchen sink with drainage board

(iv)              European type water coset

(v)                Fire extinguisher

(vi)              Exhaust fan

(vii)             Earthing



(a)    Draw a page of field book (double line) and enter a line AB with offset on either sides (06 objects)

(b)   In passing an obstacle in form of pond , stations A and D are set up on main chain line on opposite sides of a pond .A Chain line AB was taken on left  side of pond measuring 225m.S imilarly another chain line was set up on right side of pond measuring 275 m B,D,C were in a straight line ,BD was measured 125  m & DC 137.5 m

Find width of pond ‘AD”

(c ) The following bearings were taken with a surveyor’s compass for a closed compass traverse.Compute the interior angles and correct them for observational errors if any.

LINE                                               F.B.                                                                  B.B.

AB                                            S 37 degree 30’E                                                N 37 degree 30’W

BC                                             S 43 degree 15’W                                                 N 44 degree 15’E

CD                                             N 73 degree 00’E                                                 N 72 degree 15’E

DE                                             N 12 degree 45’E                                                   N 13 degree 15’W

EA                                            N 60 degree 00’E                                                   N 59 degree 00’W

(c)    The following forebearings  and back  bearings were observed in traversing with a prismatic Compass where local attraction was suspected .Find corrected F.B. & B.B. & true bearings of lines if declination is 10 degree west.

LINE                                               F.B.                                                                  B.B.

AB                                            38 degree 30’                                                219 degree 15’

BC                                             100 degree 45’                                                278 degree 30

CD                                              25 degree 45’                                                 207 degree 15’

DE                                              325 degree 15’                                                 145  degree 15’



(a)    Write the definition of contour lines and draw contours for a pond and a hill?

(b)   Draw a neat sketch of Dumpy level with tripod stand and a label its components. Explain how temporary adjustment of dumpy level with three leveling screw is carried out.

(c)    The following staff readings were observed successively with a dumpy level, the instrument having been moved forward after 2nd ,4thand 8th readings.

0.875, 1.235, 2.310, 1.385, 2.930, 3.125, 4.125, 4.125, 0.120, 1.875, 2.030, and 3.765.

The first reading was taken with the staff held on a B.M. of elevation 150.00m. Enter the readings in level book form and reduce the levels by collimation method. Apply usual checks.

B.S.    3.215, 1.030, 1.295, 1.855

F.S.      1.225, 3.290, 2.085

From the last position of instrument six pegs at interval of 25 meters interval are to be set out on a uniformly  falling gradient of 1 in 100,the first peg is to have R.L. of 385.500.Worked out the staff readings required for setting the tops of pegs on the given gradient.


(a)Define Ultimate bearing capacity and safe bearing capacity of a soil.

(b) Illustrate Dropping weight method and plate load test, adopt to know bearing capacity of a soil. Write how ultimate bearings capacity and safe bearing capacity are found by these tests.

© Describe the methods adopted for construction of foundation in black cotton soil of varying  soil depth and varying rainfall area , from scanty rainfall area to heavy rainfall area. Illustrate your answer.

(d)   Illustrate the three types of deep foundations :

(i)                  Pile Foundation

(ii)                Pier Foundation

(iii)               Well Foundation

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