CSVTU Exam Question Papers Basic Civil Engineering BE 2nd Sem May 2008

CSVTU Exam Question Papers

Basic Civil Engineering BE 2nd Sem May 2008



Q1) (a) Write nominal & actual dimensions  of modular & traditional bricks.

(a)    What are the requirements of good brick earth earth? Explain in brief.

(b)   Write composition of Portland cement and explain setting time of cement

(c)    Name important building stones and explain in brief.


Q2   (a) Define mortar and give proportion of cement mortar for various uses.

(a)    What do you understand by M-10 ,M-15, M-20 grade and give nominal mix proportion for them.

© Draw a single room plan showing windows , lintel , chhajja, door in their conventional symbols at a window sill level

(b)   Write short notes on :

(i)                  Footing

(ii)                Plinth

(iii)               Slab

(iv)              Electrical & sanitary fittings



(a)    List the instrument used in chain survey and write their functions :

(b)   Define the following terms:

(i)                  Survey Stations

(ii)                Chain lines

(iii)               Tie line

(iv)              Check line

(v)                Offsets

© The following reading has been taken by croft staff survey of a field ABCDEFG,Plot the figure of enclosed area and calculate its area.

750                                 D

850                                 210 E

C180               490

300                                  250 F

B160                180

100                                       50G

0                                                                 A

(c)    The following bearings were observed in running a closed traverse :

LINE                                               F.B.                                                                  B.B.

AB                                            71 degree 05’                                                 250 degree 20’

BC                                             110 degree 20’                                                 292 degree 35’E

CD                                             161 degree 35’                                                 341 degree 45’E

DE                                             220 degree 50’                                                   40 degree 05’

EA                                            300 degree 50’                                                  121 degree 10’

Determine the correct magnetic bearings of the line.

Unit -4


(a)    Draw neat sketch of Dumpy level and name their various parts

(b)   Define following terms:

(i)                  Bench mark

(ii)                Line of collimation

(iii)               Level  Surface

(iv)              Vertical line

(v)                Reduced level

(vi)              Parallax

(vii)             Fore sight and back sight

(c)    In leveling between two points A & B opposite banks of a river ,the level was set up near A,and the staff readings on A and B were 1.285 and 2.860 m respectively.The level was than moved and set up near B and the respective readings on A and B were 0.8 and 2.220. find the true difference of level between A and B.

(d)   Describe with the help of sketches the characteristic of contours.



(a)    Explain necessily of foundation of structure

(b)   Define following terms:

(i)                  Ultimate bearing capacity

(ii)                Safe bearing capacity

(iii)               Factor of safety

(c ) What do you understand by load bearing wall and framed types of construction and explain in brief.

(c)    Draw a neat sketch of rectangular R.C.C footing for column and give the name of compnents

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