CSVTU Exam Question Papers Basic Civil Engineering May 2011

CSVTU Exam Question Papers

Basic Civil Engineering May 2011



(a)    What is the function of lime in cement?

(b)   Where the stones are used ? Give the metamorphic forms of the following stones:

(i)                  Lime Stone

(ii)                Clay Stone

(iii)               Sand Stone

(iv)              Mud Stone

(c)     (i) Mention Various types of cement do you know indicating briefly the purpose of each type.

(i)                  Distuingish between the mild steel and for steel.

(d)    Write  short notes on moulding of bricks



(a)    Suggest the proportion of cement mortar for :

(i)                  Plaster

(ii)                D.P.C

(b)    Explain the curing of concrete.

(c)    What do you understand by fineness modules ? How do you determine it?

(d)   Draw a typical plan of a one bedroom house depicting essential symbols.



(a)    Draw a conventional signs used to denote :

(i)                  Temple

(ii)                River

(b)   Write  definitions and kinds of Ranging .Describe with sketches the method used for ranging across a high ground.

(c)    Define the following

(i)                  Bearing

(ii)                Dip

(iii)               Offset

(iv)              Base line

(v)                True Meridian

(vi)              Frore Bearing

(vii)             Well Conditioned triangle

(d)    The Following lines were observed in running a closed traverse

LINE                                               F.B.                                                                  B.B.

AB                                            51 degree 30’                                                     230 degree 00’

BC                                             182 degree 40’                                                  356 degree 00’

CD                                             104 degree 15’                                                  284 degree 55’

DE                                             165 degree 15’                                                   345 degree 15’

EA                                            251 degree 30’                                                    79 degree ’

Where do you suspect the local attraction ? Did the correct bearings , calculate the true bearings if the declination is 1degree 30’ west



(a)    Self readings staves are usually three forms :

(i)___________   (ii) ______________ (iii)__________

(b) Describe the temporary adjustment of a level.

(c ) The following consecutive readings were taken with a level and a 4 m leveling staff on a continuously sloping ground at a common interval of 30 meters.

0.855(on A), 1.545, 2.335 , 3.115 , 3.825, 0.455, 1.380, 2.055, 2.855, 3.455, 0.585,1.015, 1.850, 2.755,

3.845(on B).

The R.L of A was 380.500 .Make a level book and apply usual checks.Determine the gradient of the line AB.

(d)(i) Draw  contour of following:

1-      Pond

2-      Over hanging cliff

3-      Ridge

(ii)Define the following:



3-Bench Mark

4-Horizontal Equivalent



(a)    Define gross Pressure Intensity.

(b)   What do you understand by the term Foundations? What are its objects and why it is laid below the ground level?

(c)    What are the characteristics of an Indian block cotton soil ? what are the different methods of providing safe foundations on this soil?

(d)   What do you understand by a shallow foundation ? Draw sketches to show various types of shallow foundation

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