CSVTU Exam Question Papers Professional Communication In English 1st Sem 2006

CSVTU Exam Question Papers

Professional Communication In English 1st Sem 2006


1.         (a) What is a ‘ Communication Cycle’? What are the essential elements of this cycle?

(b) Discuss the psychological barriers it effective communication


              What do you understand by grapevine? What is its importance in an organization?

2.            (a) Make a precis of the following passage :

It is easy to say that the writer should have an occupation that provides him with his bread and butter and should write in such leisure as this occupation affords him. This course, indeed, was forced upon him very generally in the past, when the author. However distinguished and popular, could not exam enough money by writing, to keep body and soul together. It is forced upon him still in countries with a small reading public; he must eke out his livelihood by work in an office preferably under the government, or by journalism. But the English speaking writer has the potentiality of such an enormous public that writing can very reasonably be adopted as a profession. But the author does not only write when he is at his desk : he writes all day long When he is thinking when he is reading when he is experiencing ; everything he sees and feels is significant to his purpose and consciously or unconsciously, he is forever storing and making over his impression . He cannot give an undivided attention to any other calling. He will not common one for him owns satisfaction or that any other calling. He will not follow it to his own satisfaction or that of his employer.The most common one for him adopt is journalism , because it seems to have a closer connection his proper work. It is the most dangerous. There is an impersonality in a news paper that insensibly affects the writer . People who write much for the press seem to lose the faculty of seeing things for them selves ; often they see them vividly , sometimes with Brightness , but always from a generalized view point. The press in fact kills the individuality of those write for it. Writing is a whole time job. To write must be the main object of the author’s life ; that is to say , he must be a professional writer . He is lucky if he has sufficient fortune to make  him independent in his earning , but also that does not prevent him from being a professional writer. Swift with his Deanery. Wordsworth with his sinecure , were just as much’ professional writers as Balzac and Dickens.

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(c) Prepare a resume for the post of a software engineer

(d) Why do engineering students need to carry out a number of experiments in the various laboratories                                                  mention the elements that are essential in a laboratory report.


Write a report on the hostel facilities of your collage including information about Indoor Games           Reading Room Entertainment. Mess etc.

3. (a) Read the following passages and answer the questions that follow:

One of the greatest advances in modern technology has been the invention of computers . They are already widely Used industry and in universities. Now there is hardly any sphere in human life where computers have not been pressed into service of man. We are heading fast on the close of this present century into service of man. We are heading fast on the close of this present century towards a situation when a computer will be as much a part of man’s daily life as a telephone or a calculator.

Computers are capable of doing extremely complicated work in all branches of learning. They can solve the most complex matter problems or put thousands unrelated facts in order these machines can be put to varied uses. For instance, they can provide information on the best way to prevent traffic accidents, Because they work accurately and at high speeds, they save research workers years of hard work. This whole process by which machines can be used to work for us has been called automation; In the future automation may enable human-beings for more leisure than they do today . The coming of automation is bound to have important social consequences.

Some years ago an expert on automation. Sir Leon Bagrit , pointed out that it was a mistake to believe that these machines could ‘think ‘ There is no possibility that human beings will be coagelld by machines though computers are capable on learning from there mistake and improving on their performance , they need detailed instructions from human beings to be able to operate. They can never, as it we lead independent lives or ‘rule the world’ by making decisions of their own.

Sir Leon said that on the future computers would be developed which would be small enough to carry in the pocket. Ordinary people would then be able to use them to obtain valuable information. It could be plugged into a national network and be used like radios. For instance people could be informed about weather conditions, driver can be given alternative machines. This will enable who do not share a common language to talk to each other without any difficulty or to read foreign publications. It is impossible to assess the importance of a machine of this sort. Computers will also be used in our public hospitals by providing a machine with a patients system a doctor will be able to diagnose his illness. Book — keepers and accountants too, could be relieved of dull clerical work. Computers will be able to tell the exact age of a man he is going to live with the help of his blood picture , computers are the most efficient servants man has ever had and there is no limit to the way they can be used to improve our lives.

Answer the following questions:-

(i)Why does the writer call computers one of the greatest advances in modern technology?

(ii)Mention two areas wherein computers can be effectively used, according to the writer ?

(iii) How does automation help human beings?

(iv) Find words in the passage which convey similar meaning as follows :          .

(a) estimate  (b) monotonous

(b) Do as directed:

(i)Frame sentences to distinguish between :

(a)Check – Cheque

(b)   lessen – lesson

(ii)Give one word for                                            1

(a)Sole right to make and some invention.

(b)Great clapping and cheering.

(c)To send out of one’s native country.

(d) To give one’s authority to another.

(iii)Give Synonyms of:  (a) Abhor

(b) Brutal

(c) Gaiety

(d) Portray

(iv) Give antonyms of:

(a) industrious (b) Distant (c) Timid           (d) Virtue

(v)Oil flows……………………… the pipe lines . (Supply preposition)

(vi)They (lay) the foundation of the building when I visited the site

(Rewrite the verb in brackets in simple past or past perfect tense.

(vii)Since a week past, we have had a great deal of rain . (Check the error in the sentences)

(viii)They will not do it themselves.

They will not allow others to do it either.

(Combine using ‘or’ or ‘neither” …. Nor’ as may be appropriate)

4. (a) What are the skills that the chairman should possess for conducting a meeting effectively ?

(b) What traits /qualities does an employer look for in a candidate while interviewing him?


What does body language play in making an oral presentation effective?

5  .(a) Write a short note on the Importance of listening differentiate between listening and hearing .

(b)Write short notes on (any two) :

(i)Skills required in making a call

(ii)Advantage of E-mail

(iii)Audio — Visual Communication.

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