CSVTU Question Papers Professional Communication In English 1st Sem 2006-07

CSVTU Question Papers

Professional Communication In English 1st Sem 2006-07

Q1 . Attempt any two of the following

(a) What is the role of language in communication? Describe the different skills

Of communication in Human society.

(b) “Communication is a two way process.” Explain with diagram

( c) What do you mean by ‘ organization set up ‘? Discuss the flow of communication

in an organization.

Q2. Attempt any two of the following:

(a) Write an essay in about 250 words of the following

(i)      Problems of women in India

(ii)    Information Technology :

(iii)    Natural Calamities

(iv)    Role of engineers

(b)What is Report writing? Describe the various element that constitute the front matter of

a report .

(c )What is the importance of letter writing? Describe various styles of letter writing.

Q3. . Answer the following questions: (any two)

(a)What do you mean by reading skill? Discuss the characteristics of efficient reading

(b) (i) Use following pairs of two words in sentence and distinguish their meaning

(Any four)

(a)Accept            Except
(b)Accede           Exceed

(c ) Altar             Alter

(d)Beside            Besides

(e)Compliment    Complement

(f)Human            Humane

(ii) Substitute one word for : (any four )

(a)One who abandons his religious faith.

(b)One who believes in single god .

(c)One who is a hater of women.

(d)The act of talking impiously about sacred things .

(e)The murder of one’s own sister.

(f)The practice of having more than one wife at a time

(c )  Do as Directed :

(a)For……………….. Hindus………………… Gaga is…………… holy river

( Put, ‘a’ , ‘an’ , or ‘the’ where necessary)

(b)After……….. Minutes the mist cleared ………..  and we could have

a hazy view of the huge bridge.

(Insert much, many, little , a little \, few , a few , in the flanks where appropriate )

( c)My mother is ill . } must go home early

(Rewrite the sentence in the past tends)

(d)My father…… seventy years old last April.

(Fill in the blanks using the past present perfect form of verb given at the end)

(e)He bought some eggs.

(Rewrite the sentence in the negative and interrogative)

(f) The sound of bells (was , were) heard all over the neighborhood.

(Rewrite the sentence choosing the correct verb in bracket)

(g)Some one taught him English and gave him a dictionary.

(Rewrite the sentence into passive voice using the underlined portion as the subject)

Q4  Attempt any two:

(a)What are different factors one has to be sensitive” for effective presentation?

(b)Write short notes on the following :

(i) Audio – Visual aids

(ii) Body language

(c) Write short notes on the following :

(i) Meeting

(ii) Interview

Q5 Attempt ant two

(a)What are the techniques to improve Listening ability? Discuss

(b)”Listening is a conscious activity that demands a lo1 more than just physical hearing “               Discuss .

(c) ” A successful telephone conversationalist takes care of a few aspects consistently.” Discuss

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