CSVTU Exam Question Papers BE Professional Communication In English 1st Sem May 2009

CSVTU Exam Question Papers

BE Professional Communication In English 1st Sem May 2009


Q1  (a) Enumerate the major objectives of communication in an organization.

(b)Explain the advantage and disadvantage of both or al and write communication


(a)    What do you understand by grapevine? What is its. Importance in an organization?


(b)   Describe Kinesics in detail an one of the type of Nor verbal communication.


Q2  Note…Part (a) & (b) are compulsory . Attempt any one of (b) & (c)

(a)    What are the ABC principles of pr6cis writing?

(b)   Draft a job application letter to be sent to the Managing Director of Eastern Trading Corporation, Chennai, who requires a Business Development- Manager.The applicant must be able to plan for -and produces tangible results in business growth and should have good command over English.


(a)    What is a report? What are the back matter elements of a report? Differentiate between list of references and Bibliography.

(b)Differentiate between tender and quotation.


Q3  Note—All parts are compulsory.

(a)    What guidelines can be adopted for effective reading?

(b)   Do as Directed:

(I)Correct the following sentences :

(a)    This is the reason why I am working.

(b)  It is I who is next.

(c)  The dotage if’s bone.

(d)  I am anxious to taste the new flavor of ice-cream

(ii) Insert suitable preposition in the blanks:

(a)The burglar entered the house …………………….  the owner’s ice-cream.

(b)Could you meet me……………. 2.30 pm………… Sunday?

(c) The work must be finished……………… the end of the week.

(d)Fill in the correct tense form of verb given in bracket:

(e)You will not succeed unless you (work) hard.

(f)It (rain) since morning.

(g)The man (fall) off the ladder while he (paint) the ceiling .

(h)Select the correct one :

(i)Do you come here……………….. often ? (much/very)

(j)Aunt look Riana and……………… To the theater, (me/i)

(k)Eight miles……………….. A long way to walk, (is/are)

(l)Can I have…………………… milk in my tea ? (any/some)

(c) Do as directed:

(a)Change in to indirect speech.

Mohini said to her mother, “Do you know my friends?”

(b)Give suitable question tag :

We have plenty of time .

( c)Change the voice :

Accidents are caused by carelessness.

(d)Substitute the following with one word:

(a)    Loss of memory

(b)   One who abstains from alcohol


Q4    Parts (a) is compulsory. Attempt any two out of (b), (c) & (d)

(a)    Enumerate the important guidelines for the use of Audio- Visual aids while

Making presentation

(b)   What are roles of a member while participating in a meeting


(c)    Describe the desirable and non-desirable behavior of an interviewee while facing

g an interview.

(d)   How does audience analysis help the speaker in making effective presentation?


Note: – Pats (a) is compulsory. Attempt-t any one out of (b) & (c).

5. (a) Describe the process of listening .

Write short notes on:

(a)Modern Communication devices.

(b)Ethics of telephonic conversation

What all are the barriers that affect one’s listening efficiency? Illustrate the various strategies to improve listening skills.

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