CSVTU Exam Papers BE-VII Sem Artificial intelligence and expert system April-May 2012


BE VII-Sem, April-May 2012


Note: (i) solve one part among (b),(c) &(d).(ii) part (a) is compulsory.

Q.1 (a) What is cognitive science and cybernetics?                                                            2

(b)Explain 8-puzzle problem in the context of forward and backward reasoning.                   7

(c) Eplain intelligence and Artificial intelligence .how do you distinguish between two?          7

(d)Explain complexity of Depth First Sreach and Breadth first search with example.              7


Q.2(a) What is state-space search and heuristic function?                                                  2

(b) What are the characteristics of game playing that make it a suitable AI problem?            7

(c) Expalin all the steps of minimax algorithm and find out optimal path and value of the following.With the help of minimax alogorithm.                                                                  7


(d) Explain A* algorithm with example.  7


Q.3(a) Explain inference rule of propositional logic.                                                       2

(b) What is the meaning of unity two clause?Explain unification Algorithm.                      7

(c)What is Monkey-Banana problem?Explain with the help of PROLOG.                            7

(d)Express the following sentence as conceptual dependency structure.                           7

(i)Sam gave Mary a box of camdy

(ii)Bill and Ram is a programmer

(iii)Charlie drive a car but not bike.

Q.4(a) What’s context free grammer?                                                                            2

(b)Explain Recursive Transition Network with example.                                              7

(c)Explain goal stack planning in the context of linear planning.                                  7

(d)What is Bays theorem?Explain Bayesian network.                                                   7

Q.5(a)What do you mean by INFEREN ENGINE?                                                              2

(b)Draw a block diagram of typical knowledge based system and describe briefly the role of each block.                                                                                                                  7

(c) Write short notes on following                                                                           7

(i)Turing Test        (ii)MYCIN

(d)What is the role of expert syatem in Artificial intelligence?Explain Expert System.   7

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