CSVTU Exam Papers – BE I Year – Environmental & Ecology–Nov-Dec- 2009

BE (1st Semester)

Examination Nov-Dec- 2009

Environmental & Ecology

Q.1(a) Define ecosystem.

      (b) State various types of ecosystem. Explain the ecoii characteristics of pond ecosystem with diagram.

(c) What is environmental degradation ? Describe briefly the causes of environmental degradation.

(d) Explain -.in brief the environmental impact assessment c following points :   ‘

  1. Definition
  2. Objectives
  3. Goods
  4.  Methodology of EIA

Q. 2.(a) What is acid rain ?

(b) Describe the characteristics of major at mosj regions giving a diagram of profile of temperature and pre of the regions.

(c) What is photochemical smog ? Explain the development chemistry of photochemical smog. Enumerate advei effects photochemical smog.

(d) What is global warming ? Discuss the role of carboi methane, chlorofluorocarbon and oxides of nitrogen in warming.

Q. 3.(a) Give four sources of water pollution.

(b) What is COD ? How COD is measured in polluted State the significance and limitations of COD.

(c) Describe primary treatment of waste water. What are it advantages ?

(d)  (i) Define eutrophication. Discuss the types and control of eutrophication.

(ii) Explain briefly aerobic and anaerobic treatment of waste water.

Q. 4.(a) What is soil pollution ? Name the main causes of soil pollution soil pollution.?

(b) (i) What is hazardous waste ? How it causes of. affects community .                                                         ,

(ii) Gh/e advantages and disadvantages of. solid waste disposal by-land filling.

(c) Explain the harmful effects of soil pollution. Describe the methods used for controlling it.

(d) What is noise pollution ? Define ‘ decible. Suggest measures for prevention and control of noise pollution.

Q. 5. (a) State the advantages of biofuels.

(b) (i) What are the advantages and disadvantages of biosurfactants ?

(ii)  Discuss the pollutants liberated from paper or leaf industry and their biotechnological remediation.

(c) Write an informative note on any two of the following :

(i) Biofertilizers.

(ii) Biosensors.

(iii) Biochips.

(d) What is biotechnology ? Explain with examples how biotechnological’ process play an important environmental protection.

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