CSVTU Exam Papers – BE I Year – Environmental & Ecology–Dec-Jan- 2008-09

BE (1st Semester)

Examination Dec-Jan- 2008-09

Environmental & Ecology

1. (a) What is ‘Environment’?

    (b) (i) Explain “Food Chain’and “Food web”.21/2+21/2

(ii) Give example of Trophic level I,II,III and IV in the transfer of food energy.

(c) (i) Define Ecosystem.

(ii) Explain important components of an Ecosystem.

(d) (i) Define ‘Environmental degradation’.

(ii) Write a note on ‘Forest Ecosystem’.

2.(a) What is air Pollution?

(b) (i) Give diagram of structure of atmosphere along with teperature profile of Atmospheric and related phenomenon,

(ii) Where Ozonosphere is found? Give its rolfe in tl Environment in which we live.

(iii) Define primary pollutants and name them.

(iv) What is ‘temperature inversion’? What is its relation to Environmental pollution?

(v) Name two groups of hydrocarbons which are :ound to bd harmful with respect to Air Pollution.

3. (a) What is water pollution?

(b) (i) Classify water pollutants.

(ii) What is the aim of preliminary or primary treatnrent of wasti water?

(c) (i) What is Aerobic Decomposition?

(ii) Name four’sources of water pollution.

(d) (i) Write a note on BOD. (no formula description is required)

(ii) Give atleaSt two advantages of COD over BOD,

4. (a) What is Soil Pollution?

(b) (i) Name six methods of waste disposal.

(ii) What is hazardous waste? Give its examples and sources.

(c)  (i) What is Solid Waste?What is the difference between ‘rubbish’ and garbage’?

(ii) Explain unit of ‘Noise’.

(d) (i) Discuss the harmful effects of noise pollution (in meaningful 150-200 words)   .

(ii) Give advantages of ‘Recycling’and Waste Utilization”. Give atleast four points.

(iii) Which is the best suitable waste disposal method for our country?

(iv) What is the value of dB of threshold of hearing.

5. (a) What is Biotechnology?

(b) (i) Show the role of Biotechnology in Environmental pollution control. (Give atleast six points)

(ii) Draw schematic labeled diagram of a biosensor.

(c) (i) Write a note on ‘Mycorrhiza’.

(ii) What are the desirable and non-desirable characteristics of a Biofuel?

(d) (i) In the light of use of Biotechnology, how it has been used in paper and pulp industry

(ii) Define the following in 2 or 3 lines (x) Biochip (y) Bio-reactor

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