CSVTU Exam Papers – BE I Year – Applied Physics – I – Nov-Dec 2006-07

                                                                         BE ( I year )


                                                                    Applied Physics – I



Q1  ( a) Give Galileo’s principle of relativity.

(b) Discuss simultaneity of events in two inertial frame of reference .Hence explain the concept of length contraction and time dilation


(c) Deduce Einstein mass energy relation considering the variation of mass with velocity.

(d) Prove that:

x2+y2+z2=c2t2 Is invariant under Lorentz transformation.


Q2   (a) Define-Ultrasonic.

(b) Explain the phenomenon of magnetostriction . How will you produce high  frequency sound waves with its help


(c) Define reverberation . Prove that total absorption at all the surfaces of the wall where the sound is falling is equal to ECA , where E is sound energy density , C is velocity of sound and A is the total absorption.

(d) Two thin converging lenses of focal lenses 20cm and 40 cm are placed co-axially 20 cm apart . An object is located at a distance of 48 cm from the first lens.

Find :

(i) the positions of the image

(ii)the positions of the principle points and

(iii)the positions of the focal points . Indicate these positions in diagram.


Q3 (a) Define interference . What do you mean by coherent  sources ?

(b) Describe and explain the Fraunhofer diffraction pattern obtained with a narrow slit and illuminated by a parallel beam of monochromatic light.


(c) Explain Newton’s rings method for determining the wavelength of monochromatic light . Why is the center of the rings dark and how we get a bright center ?

(d) If the plane of vibration of the incident beam makes an angle  30° with the optic axis , compare the intensities  extraordinary and ordinary light


Q4 (a) What is a logic gate ?

(a) Do as directed :

(i) Subtract 10001 from 10011 (Using 1st complementary arithmetic)

(ii) Convert (CD42)16to binary and decimal systems.

(iii) Perform 1 01*10.1 binary multiplication .

(iv)Convert (4429.625)16 octal.

(v) Perform the subtraction using 2’s complementary arithmetic: 111.01-110.11


(c)  Define NAND and NOR gates . Give equivalent simplified switching circuits and truth table. Using NAND gates only obtain the following logic operations ; AND , OR, NOT.

(d) State and prove De Morgan’s theorems .


Q5 (a)  What is matter wave ?

(b)What is Heisenberg uncertainty principle ? Explain how it is the out come of the wave description of a particle? Explain physical signification of wave function.


(c) Derive Bragg’s law of diffraction of X-rays crystals.

An X-ray analysis of a wavelength 0.58 . Bragg’s reflection are obtained at angles of 6.45°,9.15° and 13° . Calculate the enter plane the spacing of the crystal.

(d) What do you by a non-uniform electron field? Discuss Bethe’s law .What is the refractive index of electrostatic field ?     

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