CSVTU Exam Papers – BE I Year – Applied Physics – I -2006-07

BE (I year )


Applied physics – I

Q1. (a) Define an internal fame of reference . Distinguish between special theory of relativity and general relativity .

Show how negative results obtained from Michelson — Morley experiment were interpreted ?


What is time dilation is special relativity ? Obtain an expression for time dilation in regard to the time interval between two events measured from two different inertia frames

(b) A rocket ship is 100 meters long on the ground . When it is in flight its length is 99 meters to an observer on the ground ? What is its speed ?


Deduce the velocity at which the mass of a particle becomes 1.25 times its rest mass (C=3×108m/s)


Q2 (a) What are cardinal point of a co-axial lens system ? state their properties and show their positions in the diagram . Illustrate the use of these points in the formation if images by the lens system.


Explain the term : (i) reflection (ii) reverberation and (iii)  Echo of sound energy and then shown graphically , the ‘nature of  growth and decay” of sound energy in a hall due to  reverberation (Give rate of absorption of energy by walls = 1/4ECA, where E is energy density , C is velocity of sound  and A is total absorption).

(b)What are the properties of ultrasonic waves ?

An ultrasonic source of 0.07 MHz sends down a pulse towards the speed which returns after 0.65 sec. The velocity of sound in sea- water is 1700 m/s. Calculate the depth of sea and the wavelength of pulse.


What is piezo-electric effect ?

Calculate the natural frequency of ultrasonic waves using the following data :- Thickness of quartz pl=5.5×10~3 m; Young’s modulus of quartz = 8.0 x 1 N/m2; density = 2.65 x 1(T3 kg/m-3)


Q3(a) What is Fresnel’s biprism ?

Describe , giving experimental details , Fresnel’s baptism method for determining wavelength of light.


Derive an expression- for resolving power of an diffraction grating .

(i) In a Newton’s rings arrangement , if a drop of (// = 4/3) be placed in between the lens and the diameter of the 10th  rings is found to be O.Obtain the radius of curvature of the face of the in contact with plate . The wavelength if light in 6000 A.


A plane grating has 15000 lines per inch . Find  separation of the 5048 A and 5016 A lines of in the second order spectrum.


Q4  (a) What is the meant by a digital circuit ? How does from an analog circuit ?

Define the base system. Explain with example the method conversion from hexadecimal to binary and binary hexadecimal numbers .


What is Boolean algebra ? State and prove De Morag theorems.

(b) Define Ex-Or gate and give their truth table .


Do as Directed :-

(a) Convert (379.54)10 to hexadecimal

(b)  Subtract (X-Y)2 if X= (1000)2 and Y=(0011)2

(c)   Multiply (xy)8if x = (15)8Y = (24)8


Q5  ( a) Find the de-Broglie wavelength of :

(i) an electron accelerated through a potential difference of 182 volts , and

(ii) a 1 kg object, moving with a speed 1 m/s. Comparing the results explain why the wave of matter is not more apparent in daily observation ?


If the incident radiation is 1.372,4. Find the wavelength of scattered radiation a angle of 30° and also the velocity of the recoiled electron .

(b) What are characteristic X-rays ? Give its orgin. Explain Mozetey’s law of characteristics X-rays .


What is Heisenberg uncertainty principle ? Explain how it is the out come of the wave description particle ? Arrive at Heisenberg uncertainty principle with the of a simple thought experiment




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