CSVTU Exam Papers Basic Civil Engineering 2nd Sem June 2007

CSVTU Exam Papers

Basic Civil Engineering 2nd Sem June 2007




(a)Classify various types of bricks describing the characteristics  of each type.

(b) Giving typical composition of Portland cement, discuss the functions of various ingredients.

© write notes on :

(i)                  Desirable qualities of building stones

(ii)                Various types of steel and their uses.


Q2 (a)  Give requirement of good mortar and also give various mix proportions for mortar used for different purposes.

(b)What do you understand by workability of concrete? What are the factors on which it depends? How do you determine it

(c )Give symbols-for following items in building :

(i)                  Revolving   door

(ii)                Window

(iii)               Single leaf, Single Swing door

(iv)              Rolling shutter

(v)                Wash basin

(vi)              Kitchen sink

(vii)             Shower head

(viii)           Indian type water closet


(a)    (i) What factors should be considered in deciding the stations of a chain survey?

(ii)Explain base line, check line, tie line and oblique offset with a neat sketch.

(b)   Write short notes on :

(i)                  Survey of India.topo sheets

(ii)                 Prismatic compass

(iii)               Local attraction

(iv)              Closed traverse

(c)    Determine the values of included angles in the closed compass traverse ABCD conducted in the clockwise direction, given the following fore bearings.

Line                            F.B.

AB                                 40°

BC                                 70°

CD                              210°

DA                              280°


(a)    Describe the difference between ‘height if instrument’ and ‘rise and fall’ method of computing the levels.

(b)   The following consecutive readings were taken with a level and 5 meter levelling staff 0..385; 1.030; 1.925; 2.825; 3.730; 4.685; 0.625; 2.005; 3.110; 4.485. The reduced level of the first point was 208.125m. Rule



Q5 (a) What do we mean by ” Ultimate Bearing Capacity” of a soil?

(b) State the reasons for providing ” Foundation” below a building.

(c )Describe the “Load Bearing Wall” type and “Framed” type of constructions of buildings.

Make a sketch of Under-reamed pile” foundation for support ing the wall of a building on black- cotton soil

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