CSVTU Exam Paper Cryptography & Secure Communication Apr-May 2010


B. E. VII Sem, ET & T, APR-MAY 2010


Note: All units are compulsory. Question 1 is of 2 Marks & question 4 is of 4 marks are compulsory. Sole any one from Question 2 and Question3 each are of 10 marks.


Q.1 What are the two different uses of public Key cryptography related to key distribution? 2

Q.2 (i) In a public key cryptosystem using RSA,the value of cipher text obtained is C=10 sent to user, whose public key is e=5,n=35.What is the value of plain text M? 5

(ii)Briefly explain Diffie-Hellman key exchange.          5

Q.3 Explain general categories of scheme for the distribution of public keys, each in detail.     10

Q.4 Write a short note on:                 4

(i)Trap door one way function (ii)Euler’s theorem

(ii)Fermat’s theorem (iv)RSA.


Q.1 What is the role of a compression function in a hash function?          2

Q.2 What are the approaches of producing message authentication function, explain each in detail?  10

Q.3 What characteristics are needed in a secure hash function?  10

Q.4 Explain nature of Brute force attack in hash function and MAC’s?  4


Q.1 What is the difference between direct and arbitrated digital signature?   2

Q.2 Explain mutual authentication protocol and also comment on its difference with one way authentication protocol?                                                10

Q.3 Explain SHA=1 algorithm & also comment on its difference with MD5 algorithm.        10

Q.4 Explain Digital signature algorithm? 4


Q.1 What is an SSL protocol stack?                                                   2

Q.2 Briefly define each type of firewalls, along  with its design goal?                 10

Q.3 Explain the application and architecture of IP security? 10

Q.4 What is the difference between transport mode and tunnel mode in IPv6 security service?      4


Q.1 Explain briefly steganography?     2

Q.2 Explain the model of in deterministic security model using information theory?                 10

Q.3 Explain the model of deterministic security and comment on it difference with in deterministic model?         10

Q.4 Comment on the difference between cryptography and steganography along with one example? 4

CSVTU Exam Paper Cryptography & Secure Communication Apr-May 2010

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