CSVTU Exam Paper Cryptography & Secure Communication Apr-May 2009


B. E. VII Sem, ET & T, APR-MAY 2009


Note : Attempt any two parts from (b) ,(c) & (d) of each questions.

Q.1 (a) What is a discrete algorithm?                                                                                  2

(b) State the difference between Fermat’s Little Theorem & Euler’s theorem along with applications. 7

(c) Which one is the best method of key management? Draw its schematic model with suitable example.    7

(d) How RSA Cryptography works? Explain all about RSA algorithm with separate algorithms of its ingredients. 7

Q.2 (a) Using Euclid’s Algorithm determine the greatest common divisor of (64,24)       2

(b) Explain Secrecy & Authentication .How they are achieved in public key cryptosystem?  7

(c) Why the hash functions are used in cryptography & secure communication. Write the methods of checking integrity.              7

(d) Write the Brute force attack algorithm. Briefly explain about the operation of Brute force attack. 7

Q.3 (a) Define the term MD.List out the versions of MD.                2

(b) What are the digital signature standards? Name it & explain in brief. 7

(c) Explain the exchange of session keys between client & server using Kerberos.            7

(d) Write the MD-5 message digest algorithm & also give reason for its working. 7

Q.4 (a) Whether IP security & web security are same? Give reason to support your answer.        2

(b) How the threats are affecting to web security & traffic security?  7

(c) Draw the IP security architecture with its advantages & disadvantages.                         7

(d) Explain SSL architecture & define its protocol which is supporting to it. 7

Q.5 (a) List out the advantage & disadvantages of Steganography.    2

(b) What is a spread spectrum steganography?Write its significance.  7

(c) Give the difference between Cryptography & Stegaogaphy (At least five).  7

(d) What are the aspects of deterministic & in deterministic model of information theory in case of steganography?    7

CSVTU Exam Paper Cryptography & Secure Communication Apr- May 2009

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