CSVTU Question Papers – BE VII Sem – Artificial intelligence and expert system Nov-Dec 2011

CSVTU Question Papers

B. E. VII Sem, ET & T, Nov- Dec 2011




Note: (i)Part  (a)is compulsory.

(ii)Solve any two from (b),(c)&(d).

Q.1(a) What is intelligence?                                                                                        2

(b)Draw block diagram of knowledge based system.Explain each block briefly.                7

(c)What is Knowledge based sytem.Explain each block briefly.                                       7

(d)What are the different techniques of artificial intelligence?                                         7


Q.2(a)What is problem reduction serach concept?                                                         2

(b)Explain hill climbing algorithm with its problem.                                                        7

(c)What is AND graph and OR graph?Explain A* algorithm with example.                        7

(d)What is  ?–value and ?–value?Explain  ?-cutoff and ?–cutoff with example.                7


Q.3(a) What is predicate logic?                                                                                    2

(b)Express the following sentence as a conceptual dependency structure:                        7

(i)Joy are some soup.

(ii)Sam gave marry a box of candy

(iii)John drove the car but not bike.

(c)What is frame and slots?Explain with example.                                                          7

(d)Transform the following formula to causal form of:                                                    7



Q.4(a)What is fuzzy logic?                                                                                                                         2

(b)Explain HopField networks and Neural network                                                          7

(c)Explain Monotonic and Non-Monotonic reasoning                                                        7

(d)What is probabilistic reasoning?Explain Bayes Theorem.                                             7

Q.5(a)Describe transition networks.                                                                              2

(b)Draw a block diagram of typical expert ystem and describe briefly the role of each block.        7

(c)Write short notes:                                                                                                   7

(i)MYCIN    (ii)Rule based system

(d)What is planning ?Explain goal-based planning.                                                          7

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