CSVTU Question papers BE-VII Sem-Artificial Intelligence and Expert System Nov-Dec 2009

CSVTU Question papers

BE-VII Sem, Nov-Dec 2009



Note:(i)Part (a) is compulsory. Attempt any two parts from(b),(c) &(d).

Q.1(a)Define artificial intelligence. Give the importance of it in the are of research.

(b)Briefly describe the meaning of knowledge representation and knowledge acquisition.

(c)Give the state space representation for:

(i)Coffee making

(ii)15-tile puzzle.

(d)Sate the characteristics of AI system. Giving its application area.

Q.2(a)Give the two problems of Hill-Climbing technique.

(b)Under what condition A* algorithm give optimal solution? Write down the A* algorithm to solve 8-queen puzzle.

(c)Write short notes on alpha-beta cut offs and explain advantages.

(d)Write algorithm for depth first search and breadth first search.

Q.3(a)What is backtracking?

(b)Draw  the semantic net for the following given statements .Scooter is a two wheeler and it is a moving vehicle .Vehicle needs an engine ,a fuel system to sustain the engine running, an electric System for its lights, horn and breaks.

(c)Write an unification algorithm. Describe resolution with formula.

(d)Write the unification algorithm .describe resolution with unification.

Q4(a)Explain the term mutations in Genetic algorithm.

(b)Give the basic difference between Hopfield Neural Networks and Black Propagation Neural Networks and Black Propagation Neural Network. Explain  with example.

(c)Explain the working of Genetic algorithm with proper diagram.

(d)State the Bayes theorem for all problem with uncertainty .Give the concept of Bayesian Network with example.

Q.5(a)Define non-production system.

(b)Give the advantage of the expert system. Explain it with the help of a case study.

(c)Explain the three major factors, which contribute to the difficulty of Natural Language understanding.

(d)Describe the case study of MYCIN.

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