CSVTU BE VIII Semester IT Real Time Systems Syllabus


Semester:VIII Branch: Information Technology

Subject:Real Time Systems

Unit-I Basic Real Time Concepts, Computer Hardware, Language Issues:

Basic component Architecture, terminology, Real Time Design Issues, CPU, Memories, Input- Output,

Other Devices Language Features, Survey of Commonly Used Programming Languages, Code Generation

Unit-II Software life cycle, Real Time Specification and Design Techniques,Real Time Kernels:

Phases of software life cycle, Nontemporal Transition in the software life cycle, Spiral model, Natural

languages, Mathematical Specification, Flow Charts, Structure Charts, Pseudocode and programmable

Design Languages,Finite state Automata, Data Flow Diagrams,Prtrinets,Statecharts, Polled Loop Systems,

phase/State Driven Code, Coroutines,Interrupt Driven System, Foreground/Background Systems Full

Featured Real Time OS

Unit-III Intertask Communication and Synchronization, Real Time memory Management, System

Performance Analysis and Optimization:

Buffering Data, Mail boxes Critical Region, Semaphores, Event Flags and Signals ,Deadlock, Process

Stack Management, Dynamic Allocation, Static Schemes, Response Time Calculation, Interuupt Latency,

Time Loading and its Measurement, Scheduling Is NP Complete, Relocting Response Times And time

Loading, Analysis of Memory Requirements, Reducing Memory Loading, I/O Performance

Unit-IV Queuing Models, Reliability,Testing, And Fault Tolerance, Multiprocessing Systems:

Basic Buffer size Calculation, Classical Queuing Theory,Littleā€™s Law, Faults, Failures ,bugs AND effects.\,

Reliability, Testing, Fault Tolerence, Clasiffication of Architectures, Distributed Systems, Non Von

Neumans Architectures

Unit-V Hardware/ Software Integration, Real Time Applications:

Goals of Real Time System Integration, Tools, Methodology, The Software Hesisenberg Uncertainity

Principle, Real Time Systems As Complex System, First Real Time Application Real Time Databases, Real

time Image Processing Real Time UNIX, building Real Time Applicaions with Real Time Programming


Text Books :

1. Real Time System, Jane W.S.Liu

2. Real Time Systems Design and Analysis by Phillip A. Laplante,PHI

Reference Books:

1 Hard Real Time Computing Systems Predictablle Scheduling Algorithms and applications

by Giorgio C. Buttazzo

2 Real Time Design Patterns: Robust Scalable Architecture for Real Time System by Bruce

Powel Douglass

3 Real Time System: Scheduling, Analysis and Verification by Albert M. K. Cheng

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