CSVTU BE VIII Semester IT Enterprise Resource Planning Syllabus


Semester:VIII Branch: Information Technology.

Subject:Enterprise Resource Planning

UNIT – I Overview of Business Functions :

Business function in an organization, material management, scheduling, shop floor control. Forecasting,

accounting & finance, human resources, productivity management.

UNIT- II Typical Businesss Processes :

Core processes, product control, sales order processing, purchase, administrative process, human

resource, finance support processes, marketing, strategic planning, research & development problems in

traditional functional view. Need for integrated process view, information as a resource, motivation for ERP.

UNIT – III Evolution of Information System :

EDP (electronic data processing) system, management information systems (MIS), executive information

systems, information needs of organization, ERP as an integrator of information needs at various levels,

decision making involved at the above level.

UNIT – IV Erp Models /Functionality:

Salesorderprocessing, MRP, scheduling, forecasting, maintenance, distribution, finance, features of each

of the models description of data flows across module, overview of the supporting databases, technologies

required for ERP.

UNIT – V Implementation Issues:

Pre Implementation issues, financial justification of ERP, evaluation of commercial software during

implementation issues, reengineering of various business process, education & training, project

management, post implementation issues, performance measurement.

Text Books

1. V.K. Garg & N.K. Venkatkrishnan ; ERP, concepts & practices, PHI.

2. S. Sadagopan : MIS, PHI

Reference Books:

1. V. Rajaraman : Analysis & Design of Information Systems, PHI

2. K. M. Hussain & D. hussain ; Information systems, Analysis, Design & Implementation, TMH.

3. MONAK & BRADY : Conceptss in ERP, vikas pub. Thosmson

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