CSVTU BE VIII Semester IT Distributed Multimedia Syllabus


Semester:VIII Branch: Information Technology

 Subject:Distributed Multimedia

Unit-I: Components of Distributed system

 Application software, Document store, Image and still video store, Audio and full motion video store,

 object directory service agent, Components service agent, User interface service agent.

 Distributed Client- Server Operation

 : Clients in distributed work group computing, Database

operations, Middleware in distributed work group computing.


Unit-II: Multimedia object server:

Types of multimedia server, mass storage for multimedia servers, write once read many optical

disks, rewritable optical disks, Optical disk libraries, network topologies for multimedia object


Multi server Network topologies: traditional LANs, Extended Lans, High Speed LANs, Wans,

Network performance issues,



: Distributed Multimedia database


Database organization for multimedia applications, transaction management for multimedia system,


managing hypermedia records as objects.


Managing distributed object


: Inter server communication, object server architecture, object

identification, object revision management, optimizing network location of object, object directory


services, multimedia object retrieval, database replication techniques, Object migrations schemes,


Optimizing object storage.





System Design Methodology and Considerations

Fundamental Design issue, key deliverables, data mining enterprise requirements, technology

assessments, Business information model, Examining current architecture and feasibility,

Performance analysis: Performance analysis and monitoring, Impact of performance issues on





Designing for performance

Storage management, Access management and optimization of storage distribution, Maximizing

network transportation, managing system performance.

Multimedia system design


: System design methodology, designing system object, object oriented

multimedia system, designing objects, system design analysis, system extensibility.


Text Books & References

1) Multimedia system design : Prabhat K.Andleigh , Kiran Thakrar

2) Multimedia: Computing, Communication and Application by “ Ralf Steinmetz and Klara Nahrstedt.

3) Data And Computer Communication by “ William Stallings

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