CSVTU BE VIII Semester IT Decision Support System Syllabus


Semester:VIII Branch: Information Technology

Subject:Decision Support System


Overview of different types of Decision-Making: Strategic, tactical and operational. Consideration of

organizational structures. Mapping of databases, MIS, EIS, KBS, expert systems, OR modeling

systems and simulation, decision analytic systems onto activities within an organization. Extension

to other ‘non organizational’ areas of decision making. Relationship with knowledge management



Studies of human cognition in relation to decision making and the assimilation of information.

Cultural issues. Implications for design of decision-making support. Communication issues.

Unit –III

Normative, descriptive and prescriptive analysis: requisite modeling. Contrast with recognition

primed decision tools.

Unit –IV

Database, MIS, EIS, KBS, Belief nets, data mining. OR modeling tools: simulation and optimization.

History, design, implementation: benefits and pitfalls. Risk assessment. Decision analysis and

strategic decision support.

Unit –V

Group decision support systems and decision conferencing. Intelligent decision support systems:

tools and applications. Cutting-edge decision support technologies. History, design, implementation:

benefits and pitfalls. Deliberative e-democracy and e-participation

Text Book

1. P.R. Kleindorfer, H.C. Kunreuther, P.J.H. Schoemaker “Decision Sciences: an integration

perspective’ Cambridge University Press 1993

2. G.M. Marakas, Decision support Systems in the 21st Century, Prentice Hall, 1999.

Reference Book

1 E. Turban and J.E. Aronson (2001) Decision support Systems and Intelligent Systems. 6th

Edition. Prentice Hall

2 V.S.Janakiraman and K.Sarukesi, Decision Support Systems, PHI

3 Efrem G. Mallach, Decision Support and Data Warehouse Systems

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