CSVTU BE VIII Semester IT Cyber Crime and Laws Syllabus


Semester:VIII Branch: Information Technology

Subject:Cyber Crime and Laws


Unit 1 Introduction to cyber law

Evolution of computer Technology, emergence of cyber space. Cyber Jurisprudence, Jurisprudence and

law, Doctrinal approach, Consensual approach, Real Approach, Cyber Ethics, Cyber Jurisdiction,

Hierarchy of courts, Civil and criminal jurisdictions, Cyberspace- Web space, Web hosting and web

Development agreement, Legal and Technological Significance of domain Names, Internet as a tool for

global access.

Unit 2 : Information technology Act

Overview of IT Act, 2000, Amendments and Limitations of IT Act, Digital Signatures, Cryptographic

Algorithm, Public Cryptography, Private Cryptography, Electronic Governance, Legal Recognition of

Electronic Records, Legal Recognition of Digital Signature, Certifying Authorities, Cyber Crime and

Offences, Network Service Providers Liability, Cyber Regulations Appellate Tribunal, Penalties and


Unit 3:Cyber law and related Legislation

Patent Law, Trademark Law, Copyright, Software – Copyright or Patented, Domain Names and Copyright

disputes, Electronic Data Base and its Protection, IT Act and Civil Procedure Code, IT Act and Criminal

Procedural Code, Relevant Sections of Indian Evidence Act, Relevant Sections of Bankers Book Evidence

Act, Relevant Sections of Indian Penal Code, Relevant Sections of Reserve Bank of India Act, Law

Relating To Employees And Internet, Alternative Dispute Resolution , Online Dispute Resolution (ODR).

Unit 4: Electronic Business and legal issues:

Evolution and development in E-commerce, paper vs paper less contracts E-Commerce models- B2B,

B2C,E secyrity.

Unit 5 Application area :

Business, taxation, electronic payments, supply chain, EDI, E-markets, Emerging Trends

Text Book

1 Cyber Laws: Intellectual property & E Commerce, Security- Kumar K, dominant Publisher

2 Information Security plicy &implementation Issues, NIIT, PHI

Reference books

1 Cyber CRIME notorious Aspects of the Humans & net Criminals activity in Cyber World

Barna Y Dayal D P Dominant Publisher

2 Cyber Crime Impact in the new millennium, Marine R.C. Auther press

3 Spam Attack, Cyber Stalking & abuse, Barna Y, Dayaal D P Dominant publisher

4 Frauds & Financial criouses in Cyber space, Barna Y, Dayal D P , Dominant publisher

5 Information

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