CSVTU BE VIII Semester ET&T Radar Engineering & Navigational Aids Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester : VIII Branch: Electronics & Telecommunication

Subject: Radar Engineering & Navigational Aids

Total Theory Periods: 40 Total Tutorial Periods: 12

Total Marks in End Semester Examination: 80

Minimum number of Class tests to be conducted: Two


Principles and Applications:


Basic Radar, Radar Block Diagram, Radar Frequencies, Applications of Radar, Radar

Range Equation, Probabilities of Detection of False Alarm Integration of Radar Pulses, Radar Cross Section of Targets.



MTI And Pulse Doppler Radar


: Introduction to Doppler and MTI Radar, delay line cancellers, staggered PRF. Range

gated Doppler filter, limitations to MTI performance. Tracking with Radar, Monopulse Tracking, Conical Scan and


Sequential Lobing, Limitations to Tracking Accuracy, Low Angle Tracking, Tracking in range, Comparison of Trackers.



Propagation of Radar Waves:


Forward Scattering from a Flat Earth, Scattering from Round Earth’s Surface,

Atmospheric Refraction – Standard Propagation, Non-Standard Propagation, Diffraction, Attenuation by Atmospheric


Gases, External or Environmental Noise, Other Propagation Effects.



Antennas for Detection of Radar Signals


: Parabolic antennas, introduction to phased array, cosecant squared

antenna, radome.



Radar Transmitter and Receiver:


Radar Receiver, Receiver Noise Figure, Superheterodyne Receiver, Duplexers and

Receiver Protectors, Radar Displays, introduction to ECM and ECCM, Linear Beam Power Tubes, Solid State Power


Sources, Magnetron.


Text Books:

1. Introduction to Radar Systems by M.I Skolnik, TMH Pub. Co.

2. Microwave Radar and Navigational Aids by A.K. Sen and A.B. Bhattacharya, Khanna Publisher.

Reference Books:

1. Radar: Principles, Technology, Applications by Edde, Pearso

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