CSVTU BE VIII Semester Electrical Engineering VLSI Design Syllabus

CSVTU BE VIII Semester Electrical Engineering VLSI Design Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 8th Branch: Electrical Engg.

Subject: VLSI Design

 Unit-I: Overview of VLSI Design Methodology

 VLSI design process-Architectural design-Logical design-Physical design-Layout styles-Full custom-semi custom approaches. Basic Electrical properties of MOS & CMOS circuits: NMOS enhancement transistor-PMOS enhancement transistor-threshold voltage-threshold voltage equations-MOS devices equations-Basic DC equations-Second order effects-MOS modules-small signal AC characteristics –NMOS inverter-Steered input to an NMOS modules-Depletion mode & enhancement mode pull ups-CMOS inverter-DC characteristics-Inverter delaypass transistor- transmission gate.

 Unit-II: VLSI Fabrication Techniques

An overview of wafer fabrication –wafer Processing-Oxidation-Patterning- Diffusion –Ion implantation-Deposition- Silicon gate NMOS process-CMOS processes-Nwell-Pwell-Wintub-Silicon on insulator- CMOS process enhancement-Interconnect-Circuit elements.

Unit-III: Layout Design Rules

Need for design rules-Mead Conway design rule for the silicon gate NMOS process-CMOS Nwell/Pwell design rules-Simple layout examples-sheet resistance-area Capacitance-Wiring Capacitance-drive large capacitive loads

Unit-IV: Logic Design

Switch logic-pass transistor & transmission gate-Gate logic-Inverter-two point, NAND gate-NOR gate-other forms of CMOS logic-Dynamic CMOS logic-clocked CMOS logic-Precharged domino CMOS logic-structured design-simple combinational logic design examples-Parity generator-Multiplexes-clocked sequential circuits-two phase clockingcharge storage-dynamic register element-NMOS &CMOS- dynamic shift register-semi static register-JK flip flop circuit.

Unit-V: Subsystem Design Process

Design of a 4 bit shifter-General arrangement of a 4 bit arithmetic processor-Design of a ALU subsystem-

Implementing ALU functions with an adder-Carry look ahead adders-Multipliers-serial parallel multipliers-Pipelined

multiplier array-Modified Booth’s Algorithm

Text Books:

1. Douglas A.Pucknell & Kamran Eshranghian,”Basic VLSI Design”, Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi, 3rd edition 1994.

2. Neil H.E.West & Kamran Eshranghian,”Principles of CMOS VLSI Design: A system perspective”, Addison- Wesley, 2nd edition, 1993.

3. Amar Mukherjee, “Introduction to NMOS & CMOS VLSI system design” Prentice Hall, USA, 1986

Reference books:

1. Caver Mead & Lynn Conway, “Introduction to VLSI system,” Addison Wesley.

2. Eugene D.Fabricus,”Introduction to VLSI design”, McGraw Hill International edition, 1990.

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