CSVTU BE VIII Semester EEE Report Writing & Seminar Syllabus

CSVTU BE VIII Semester EEE Report Writing & Seminar Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester : BE 8th Branch: Electrical & Electronics Engg.

Subject: Report Writing & Seminar

Total No. of periods : 2 per week Total Tutorial Periods : Nil

Total marks in End Semester Exam: Nil Teacher’s Assessment: 40 marks

Minimum Number of class test to be conducted: Two

Unit -I

Introduction to Technical Writing:

 how differs from other types of written communication Purpose of technical

writing, Correspondence: prewriting, writing and rewriting Objectives of Technical Writing. Audience Recognition:

High-tech audience, Low tech audience, Lay audience, Multiple Audience.

Unit – II


Memos, Letters, E-mails, Its differentiation, types of letters, Docum ent Design, its importance,

Electronic Communication: Internet, Intranet, extranet, Writing effective e-mail.

Unit – III


Report Strategies, Effective style of technical report writing: Structures: content, introduction, conclusions,

references, etc., Presentation, Writing first draft, revising first draft, diagrams, graphs, tables, etc. report lay -out.

Unit -IV

Report Writing:

Criteria for report writing, Types of Report: Trip report, Progress report, lab report, Feasibility report,

project report, incident report, etc. Case Studies.

Unit -V

Proposals & Presentation:

Title page, Cover letter, Table of Content, list of illustrations, summary, discussion,

conclusion, references, glossary, appendix, Case Studies. Oral Presentation/ Seminar:

Text Books:

1. Sharon J. Gerson & Steven M. Gerson “Technical Writing – Process& Product”, Pearson Education.

Reference Books:

1. Sunita Mishra, “Communication Skills for Engineers” Pearson Education

2. Davies J.W. “Communication for engineering students”, Longman

3. Eisenberg, “Effective Technical Communication”, Mc. Graw Hill.

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