CSVTU BE VII Semester IT E-Commerce Syllabus


Semester: VII Branch: Information Technology.

Subject: E-Commerce

Total Theory Periods: 40 Total Tutorial Periods: 12

Total Marks in End Semester Exam: 80.

Minimum number of class tests to be conducted: 02

Unit 1:

Introduction to e-Commerce, e-Commerce Framework, e-Commerce and Media Convergence, Anatomy

of e-Commerce Applications, e-Commerce Consumer Applications, e-Commerce Organization


Unit 2:

Components of I-way, Network Access Equipment, National-Independent ISPs, Regional- level ISPs,

Local -level ISPs.

Unit 3:

Client-Server Network Security, Emerging Client-Server Security Threats, Firewalls and Network

Security, Data and Message Security, Encrypted Documents and Electronic Mail, Challenge Response


Unit 4:

Architectural Framework for e-Commerce, WWW as the Architecture, Security and the Web, Consumer

Oriented Applications, Mercantile Process Models, Types of E-Payment Systems, Smart Cards, Credit

Card -Based e-payment Systems.

Unit 5:

Electronic Data Interchange, EDI Applications in Business, EDI and E-Commerce, Standardization and

EDI, EDI Software Implementation, Value Added Networks (VANs), Internal Information Systems.

Text Books:

1. Frontiers of Electronic Commerce by Ravi Kalakota & Andrew B. Whinston, Pearson Education.

2. E-Commerce – The Cutting Edge of Business by Bajaj, Tata McGraw-Hill

Reference Books:

3. Electronic Commerce by David Kosiur, Published by Microsoft Press.

4. E-business roadmap for success by Dr. Ravi Kalakota & Marcia Robinson.

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