CSVTU BE VII Sem Electrical Engineering Microwave And Antenna Syllabus

CSVTU BE VII Sem Electrical Engineering Microwave And Antenna Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 7th Branch: Electrical Engg.

Subject: Micro-Wave And Antenna

Unit I: Micro –wave tubes & solid-state devices

Klystrons, traveling wave tube (TWT), BWO (back world wave oscillator) Magnetrons, varactor diodes, step recovery diode, pin diode, Tunnel diode gun diode

IMPATT Diode, TRAPATT diode, BARITT diode, parametric amplifier

Unit II: Microwave measurement

Microwave bench –General measurement, measurement device & instrumentations, frequency measurement of phase shift. Measurement of VSWR, Measurement of impedance

Unit III: Microwave propagation

Modes of propagation: Ground wave propagation, SKY wave, space wave, troposphere’s scatter propagation

Unit IV: Microwave Integrated Circuit

Introduction, materials used for MMIC ‘S fabrication thin film devices, planner transmission lines, Hybrid integrated circuit, fabrication, use of GaAs for building microwave integrated circuit, applications

Unit V: Antennas

Definition, Isotropic radiators, Radiators, radiation pattern Lobes gain, directive gain, power gain, directivity, antenna efficiency front to back ratio, antenna Beam width polarization Antennas.

Micro wave Antenna: – Horn, parabolic reflectors Lens antenna, slot antennas, micro strip antennas


1. Microwave & Radar Engineering, M.Kulkarni (Umesh Pbs)

2. Antenna &Wave Propagation, K.D.Prasad (Satya Prakashan)

Reference books:

1. Antennas, John D.Kraus (TMH)

Electromagnetic wave & Radiating System, Edward C. Jorden Keith G. Bal main (PHI)

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