CSVTU Management Concepts And Techniques Syllabus

CSVTU Management Concepts And Techniques Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 7th Branch: Electrical Engg.

Subject: Management Concepts And Techniques


 Basic management and techniques: Planning, nature purpose and objectives of planning, organizing, nature

and purpose of organizing, authority and responsibility, staffing, supply of human resources, performance

appraisal, controlling, system and process of controlling, control techniques.

Human resource management: nature and scope of human resource planning, training and development,

recruitment and selection, career growth, absenteeism, grievances, motivation and its types, need of motivation,

reward and punishment, models of motivation, leaders, types of leaders, leadership styles, roles and functions

of leaders, conflict management, types and causes of conflict, group and team working, organizational design

and development.


Marketing management: marketing environment, customer markets and buyer behavior, marketing mix,

advertising and sales promotion, channels of distribution.

Financial management and accounting concepts: book keeping, financial statements analysis, financial ratios,

capital budgeting, and breakeven analysis.


Production/operations management: planning and design of production and operations systems, facilities

planning, location, layout and movement of materials, materials management and inventory control,

maintenance management, PERT and CPM.


Management information systems: role of information in decision making, information system planning, design

and implementation, evaluation and effectiveness of the information system, statistical quality control, total

quality management and ISO certificate.


Social and ethical issues in management: ethics in management, social factors, unfair and restrictive trade


Strategic and technology management: need, nature, scope and strategy SWOT analysis, value chain concept.

Text Books:

1. Industrial management and engineering economics, K. C. Arora, Khanna Pbs.

2. Industrial engineering and production management, Martand Telsang, S. Chand

3. Industrial management and organization, Ahuja, Khanna Pbs.

4. Industrial engineering and management, O. P. Khanna, DRD

Reference Books:

1. Industrial organization and management, Ramchandran, Ramana Mutrhy, TMH.

2. Management science, Ramchandra, TMH.

3. Industrial engineering and production management, Mahajan, DRP.

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