CSVTU BE VII Semester Electrical Engineering Electrical Machines III Syllabus

CSVTU BE VII Semester Electrical EE Electrical Machines III Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 7th Branch: Electrical Engg.

Subject: Electrical Machines III

UNIT I: Theory Of Ideal Synchronous Machines

The ideal synchronous machine, synchronous machine inductances, transformation to direct and quadrature axis variables, basic machine relation id

dq0 variables, steady state analysis using dq0 , transient analysis, three-phase short circuit, transient power angle characteristics, effect of additional rotor circuits.

UNIT II: Theory Of Ideal Poly-Phase Induction Machines

The ideal induction machine, transformation to dq variables, basic machine relation in dq variables, steady state analysis using  dq0 , electrical transients in induction machine, single phasing of three-phase induction motor, power invariance.

UNIT III: Fractional Horse Power Motor

Qualitative examination, starting and running performance of single phase induction motor, revolving field theory of single-phase induction motor, AC tachometer, unbalanced operation of symmetrical two-phase machine, the symmetrical component concept, two-phase control motors.

UNIT IV: AC Commutator Motors

Rotational EMFs in commutator windings, action of commutator as frequency converter, effect of EMF injection in secondary circuit of three-phase slip-ring induction motor, secondary (slip) power, constant HP and constant torque drives, Kramer and Scherbius system of speed control, single-phase series motors, universal motors,

phasor diagrams, methods of improving commutation.

UNIT V: Special Motors

Hystersis motor, reluctance motor, stepper motor, Synchros and linear induction motor, Permanent magnet brushless BC motor.

Text Books:

1. Electrical machines by Fitzerald and Kingseley, 2nd edition, McGrawHill.

2. Performance and design of AC commutator machines by Taylor.

Reference Books:

1. Generalized theory of electrical machines by Bimbhra, Khanna Pbs.

2. Power system stability, vol-3 by Kimbark, Wiely

3. General theory of electrical machines by Adkins.

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