CSVTU BE VII Semester EEE System Software Syllabus

CSVTU BE VII Semester EEE System Software Syllabus


Semester: 7th Branch: EEE& EE

Subject: System Software

Total Theory Periods: 40 Total Tut Periods: 12

Total Marks in End Semester Exam: 80

Minimum number of Class tests to be conducted: 2


 Machine structure: – memory, registers, Data & instruction Formats C Languages Vs Assembly Languages, Addressing Modes, Data Transfer operations, Arithmetic Instructions, Compare & Branch Instructions, Logical & shift Operations, Subroutines in Assembly Languages.


Assemblers: Introduction to Translators: Interpreters vs. Compliers, Definition of an assembler, Symbol

Tables, Table Processing-Search & sort Techniques, Design of an Assembler, Assembler Directives &

Assembler Schenmes, Single pass & multi pass Translators, Intermediate Code Forms, and List

Generation & Error Indication


Macros & Conditional Assembly: Macro Definition, Feature of Macro facility, Macroinstruction arguments,

conditional Macro Expansion, Label in macros, Macro calls within macros, Use of macros, Implementation

of Macros in assemblers.


Loaders Features & Linker Editors: Automatic Library Search, Loader Design Options, Load Address &

Address Origin, Loading Libraries, Program Forms & self Relocation. Linkage Editors, Dynamic Linking,

Bootstrap Loaders.

Unit- V

Software Tools:

Text Editors: Word Processors, MS DOS EDLIN editor, Binary File Editors MS DOS

DEBUG Editor, Debug command line Arguments, Loading & manipulating of addresses & data.


1. System software by D.M.Dhamdhere (TMH)

2. System Programming by J.J.Donovan (TMH)

3. Microcomputer System: 8086/8088 & Family-Architecture & Design by Liu & Gibson, PHI

Reference Books:

1. Advanced Dos by Michael Hyman & Ray Duncan (Ms-press).

2. Ms-Dos User’s manual (MS-Press)

3. Structured programming in Assembly Languages for IBM-PC by William C.Runnion.

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