CSVTU BE VII Semester EEE Consumer Electronics Syllabus

CSVTU BE VII Semester EEE Consumer Electronics Syllabus


Semester : VII Branch: EEE / E&T

Subject: Consumer Electronics

Total Theory Periods: 40 Total Tutorial Periods: 12

Total Marks in End Semester Examination: 80

Minimum number of Class tests to be conducted: Two


Audio Input Equipments:

Microphones: characteristics, Types – Carbon, Crystal Dynamic, Ribbon,

Capacitor, Electret, Gun, Lavalier, Tie-clip, Wireless, Dual-unit. Headphones and Headsets: Types –

Moving-iron, Crystal, Dynamic, Electrostatic, Electret. Hearing Impairments, Audiometry, Hearing Aids –

internals, controls, filters, AGC.


Audio Output Equipments and Acoustics Fundamentals:

Ideal Loudspeaker, Basic Loudspeaker,

Types: Crystal, Electrostatic, Dynamic Loudspeakers, Permanent Magnet. Loudspeaker construction,

Permanent magnet, Voice Coil, Loudspeaker impedance, Acoustic Impedance and Resonance, Woofers,

Mid-range and Extended range Loudspeakers, HF Loudspeakers, Tweeters: Cone-type, Dome type, Horn

type. Hi-Fi, Multispeaker Systems, Crossover Networks, Impedance Matching. Speaker Baffles and

enclosures, Acoustic doublets, baffles, Infinite Baffle systems, Bass-reflex systems, Acoustic Labyrinth

Systems, Folded-Horn Systems, Corner folded Horn Systems. Acoustics: Reflection of sound,

Reverberation, Absorption of Sound, Sabin’s Equation, Listening Room Characteristics, Live Rooms, Dead

Rooms, Absorbent Materials, Acoustic Design of Auditoriums, Acoustics of Studios, Sound Insulation,

Noise. Commercial sound: Electric Guitar, Electric Wind Instruments, Recording, Manual Synthesizer,

Programmed Synthesizer, PA System, planning, speaker matching, characteristics, amplifiers,

Megaphones, Intercommunication Equipment, Background Music and Paging Systems, Anatomy of Hi-Fi

System, Source Units, Signal Propagation, Signal Multiplex, Compatibility, Theatre Sound System: Sound

Track, Types of Sound Film, Theatre Sound Reproduction Systems, Working of a Projector, Sound Pickup,

Cine Screens, DTS and Dolby Systems for Theatres, Satellite relay system


Musical Equipments:

Portable Stereo: Eight-Track System, Stereo Car-cassette player, Auto-reverse Car

Stereo Player, Car-Cassette Stereo Player with Auto-eject and Fast-Forward, Rewind System. Electronic

Music Synthesizers: Typical Generators, Basic Modifiers, Voltage Control, Envelop Generator, Other

Signal Modifiers. Set-Top Boxes: Interoperable Set-top boxes, Middleware for Set-top boxes.


Multipurpose Equipments:

Facsimile, Xerography: Xerographic Process, Extension to a dynamic copier,

Calculators: Structure, internal organization. Digital Clocks: Working, LSI Digital Clocks, In-Car Computers:

Applications, Electronic Ignition, Electronic Ignition Lock System, ABS, ECS, Instrument Panel Displays,

Ultrasonic Car Safety Belt System, Air Bag System, Vehicle Proximity Detection System, Car Navigation

Systems – Travel Pilot and AVIC-1


Domestic Equipments:

Microwave Ovens: Microwave Oven Block Diagram, LCD Timer with alarm,

Single-chip Controllers, Types of Microwave Ovens, Wiring and Safety, Operating Problems, Care and

cleaning. Washing Machines: Electronic Controller for Washing Machines, Washing Machine Hardware,

Washing Cycle, Hardware and Software development, Types of Washing Machines, Fuzzy Logic Washing

Machines, Air conditioners and Refrigerators: Air Conditioning, Components of Air Conditioning Systems,

All-weather and All-air Air Conditioning Systems, Remote Control Buttons, Combination Systems, Unitary

and Central Air Conditioning Systems, Split Air Conditioning Systems, Refrigeration, refrigerants,

Refrigeration Systems, Domestic refrigerators.

Name of Text Books:

Consumer Electronics, Bali S.P., Pearson Education

Name of Reference Books:

K. Blair, Benson “Audio Engineering Hand book”

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