CSVTU BE VI Semester ET&T Communication Hardware Design Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: VI Branch: Electronics & Telecommunication

Subject: Advanced Electronic Circuits 

Total Theory Periods: 40 Total Tutorial Periods: 12

Total Marks in End Semester Examination: 80

Minimum number of Class tests to be conducted: Two

Unit – I

Digital to Analog and Analog to Digital Converters:


D/A Converter using Binary Weighted Resistor Network

and R-2R Ladder Network: Inverted Ladder Network: D/A Specification : Analog Switches : Sample & Hold


Circuits ; Analog Multiplexers, Parallel Comparator type A/D Converter, Successive Approximation A/D


Converter, Counting & Dual Slope A/D Converter, A/D Converter using Voltage to Frequency and Voltage to


Time Conversion, Delta Modulation type A/D Converter.


Unit – II

Principles of Active Filters:


Bilinear Transfer Function, Parts of T(jw) , Classification of Magnitude and phase

Response ,Design. Cascading: Inverting and Non-inverting OP –AMP Circuits: Cascade Design : All pass


Circuits. Biquadratic Transfer Function; Design parameters Q and


? o

: Biquad Circuit and its Frequency

Response ; Four op-amp Biquad and its Frequency Response.



Unit – III

Special Active Filters:


Design of Low –pass Butterworth Filters; Sallen –key Circuits.; RC-CR Transformation

; Deylliannis -Friend’s Circuits : Stagger-Tuned Bandpass Design. Design of Low –pass Chebsyhev Filters:


Design of Notch Filters: Equalizer Circuits. Sens itivity concepts and their Application to Sallen –key Circuits.


Unit – IV

Phase Locked Loops:


Voltage Controlled Oscillator; Functional Diagram and Principle of Operation of 565;

Transfer Characteristics; Measurement of Lock and Capture Range; Application of PLL.


Unit – V

Analog Multipliers and Dividers:


Characteristics; Parameters: Basic Method of Performing Analog

Multiplication; Monolithic Multiplier Circuit Realization; Divider Circuit: Square Rooting Circuit: Multiplier




Name of Text Books:

1. Analog Filter Design; Van –Valkenburg ; Holt –Standers International Edn.

2. Integrated Circuits: K. R. Botkar, Khanna Publications

Name of Reference Books:


Operational Amplifiers and Linear Integrated Circuits, Coughlin and Driscoll, 6th

Ed., PHI



Linear Integrated Circuits, Roy Choudhury and Jain, 2nd

Ed., New Age International Publishers.


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