CSVTU VI Sem Testing and Commissioning Of Electrical Equipment Syllabus

CSVTU VI Sem Testing and Commissioning Of Electrical Equipment Syllabus


Semester: 6th Branch: EEE

Subject: Testing An d Commissioning Of Electrical Equipment

Total Theory Periods: 40

Total Marks in E nd Semester Exam: 80

Minimum number of Class tests to be conducted: 2

UNIT I: Power Transformers

UNIT II: Instrument transformers/Traction, Rectifier Transformer

UNIT III: Rotating machines


UNIT – V: Safety Precautions and live line Maintenance


Insulation resistance measurement and Meggering electrical equipment, temperature effect, polarization index, causes of poor insulation resistance, Drying out of transformer, Checks before paralleling, parallel operation Commissioning checks, Maintenance of transformer, maintenance of bushing and tap changers, Functions of breather, conservator, Troubles, Causes of failures, Ratings, Significance of impedance voltage, voltage regulation & vector diagram Ordering, Inspection, Storage, Handling, Transportation, civil works, site facilities, Commissioning, tests, Loading, capitalization of losses, Transformers oil: types, composition, properties, maintenance, testing, filtration, insulation resistance.

Current transformers (CT): applications, accuracy class, magnetization curve, burden, effect of open secondary, terms and definitions, type tests, routine tests on CTs, precautions, typical ratings, Voltage transformer (VT, PT): application, specifications, ratings, connections, accuracy class, and burdens, Types of VT construction

Traction transformers: Types, Special considerations, design and constructional features, Traction transformers for thyristor-controlled locomotives, Rectifier transformers: comparison between rectifier transformer and power transformer, utility factor, design feature of rectifier transformer, transductors. Troubles with D.C. Machines and Remedies

Troubles with Commutator, Brushes and Brushes- gear Sparking, Commutator Defects, Brush pressure,

Adjustments, Brush Alignment, Brush Angle, Neutral Position, Maintenance of Commutator and Brushes,

Troubles with D.C. Motors, Test to detect the causes of the troubles, Earth-fault Test, Important Checks

and Tests.

Testing of Induction Motors: Type Tests, Routine Tests, Commissioning Tests, Degree of Protection, Noise

and its Control, Frame Sizes, Ratings, , Explosion Proof Motor.

Installation and Commissioning of Induction Machines and Rotating Machines: Despatch from Factory to

Final Commissioning at site, Foundation and civil Work, Installation of Fully Assembled Machines,

Preparations, Procedure Dismantling, Installation of Large Rotating Machines, Bed plate, Checks.

Drying-Out of Electrical Rotating Machines and Insulation Resistance Measurements

Steps in drying-Out, Applying Heat, Measurements, Permissible Temp-rise, Log-sheets, Insulation

Resistance, Power Required, Period of Drying Out, Polarisation Index, Significance, Vibration & Its Effects,

Rotor Balancing, and Maintenance of motors.

Degree of protection Cooling Systems, Enclosures for Industrial Rotating Machines: Definition of Degree of

Protection and cooling Systems, standard IP codes, Cooling Systems, Definition, Types, Standard

Designations, IC Code, Ratings of Industrial Rotating Machines: Thermal Rating, Operation Duties, Duty

factor, Continuous Rating, Intermittent Duty, Short Time Duty STR, DTR, MCR.

Shocks, Safety procedures, Permission to work, Safety Clearances, Procedures, Permit to work, Electric

Field and Clearances, Live Line Maintenance, Hot-Line Maintenance, Safety, tools, Degree of Exposures,

Biological effects of Electric Field, Electric shock and effects.

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