CSVTU BE V Semester ET&T Industrial Instrumentation Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester : V Branch: Electronics & Telecommunication

Subject: Industrial Instrumentation


Instrument Characteristics:

 Transducer performance characteristics, Generalized performance of

systems, Static terms and characteristics, Dynamic terms and characteristics, standard test inputs, zero,


first and second order instruments and their responses, Higher order systems, calibration and


standards, process of calibration, standards for calibration.



Pressure Measurement:


Terminology, Units; Manometers – Piezometer, U-Tube Double Column

Manometer, Single Column Manometer, U-Tube Differential Ma nometer; Advantages and Limitations;


Bourdan Gauge; ring balance manometer, bell type pressure gauges, elastic pressure transducers, low


pressure gauges, Dead Weight Piston Gauge, Servo Operated Manometer, Feedback Pneumatic Load





Temperature Measurement:


Types of temperature measuring instruments; Liquid-in-glass

thermometers; Bimetallic Thermometers; Thermocouples, Laws of thermocouples, Elements of


thermoelectric pyrometers, Resistance thermometers; Thermistors; Radiation and Optical Pyrometers,


Temperature Balance Systems, Heat Flow Balance Systems.



Flow Measurement:


Classification of flow measurement techniques, variable head meters and related

theory for incompressible fluids, Nozzle, Orifice, Venturi, Pitot Tube, Anemometers, Turbine Meter,


Current Meter, Electromagnetic Flow Meter, Ultrasonic Flow Meter, Variable Area Meters, Variable


Head and Area Meters, Quantity Meters, Servo Operated Electromagnetic Flow Meter.



Introduction to Process Control:


Control Systems; Proce ss control principles; Servomechanisms;

Process Control Block Diagram; Process control system evaluation, Analog and Digital Processing,


Time Response.


Final Control:


Final Control Operation; Signal Conversions; Actuators; Control Elements, Hydraulic And

Pneumatic Control Systems.


Text Books:

1. Murty, D.V.S.;

Transducers and Instrumentation; PHI, 10th

print 2003

2. Johnson, C.;



Process Control Instrumentation Technology; PHI, 4 th



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