CSVTU BE V Semester ET&T Electromagnetics Waves & Antennas Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester : V Branch: Electronics & Telecommunication

Subject:Electromagnetics Waves & Antennas


Fields and waves:

Displacement Current: Maxwell’s Equations: Circuit Theory as Quasi-static Approximation:

Poynting’s theorem and Flow of power. Plane wave: Solution of Wave Equation for Loss less and lossy media;


Phase Velocity, Dispersion:




Velocity, Complex Propagation Constant, Intrinsic Impendence, Normal and

Oblique Incidence of Plane Wave on a Perfect Conductor and polarization: Linear, Circular and elliptical.




Transmission lines:


Complex Propagation constants, loss less transmission lines, distortion and distortion less

condition, characteristics impedance, Reflection Coefficient, standing Wave Ratio, Transmission line parameters,


Line Calculation for matched and General Terminations, Impedance Transformation buy quarter Wave line ,Stub







Field in open wire and coaxial Cable: wave propagation between parallel planes: TE and TM

Waves; Dominant Modes; Properties of TEM waves: Attenuation in Parallel plane Guide; TE and TM wave in


Rectangular and Circular waveguides: Filed patterns; wave Impedance: Wavelength; phase velocity and Group





Antennas and Radiation:


Electromagnetic Radiation: Short Electric Dipole: Half –wave Dipole: Radiation from a

small current Element –power Radiated: Radiation from a Half –wave Dipole-Power Radiated: Radiation




Isotropic Radiator and Radiation Pattern; Radiation Intensity: Antenna Gain: Reciprocity Theorem and its


Application: Effective Length; Antenna Top Loading and Tuning: Effect of Earth: Antenna Efficiency: Bandwidth:


Effective Aperture of short Dipole and Half –wave Dipole: polarization



Antenna Arrays and their Design:


Broadside and End fired Array: collinear Array: Array of point sources: Nonisotropic

but similar point sources: Pattern Multiplication: Linear Arrays with in Isotropic point sources of equal


Amplitude and spacing: Array of “n” Isotropic sources of Equal Amplitude and spacing –Broadside case. End fired


case: Binomial. Dolph. Tchebycheff Array, Practical Antennas – Resonant and Non-resonant Antenna; Rhombic


Antenna & Loop Antenna.


Name of Text Books:

1. Engineering Electromagnetism, Hayt, 7


Ed., TMH

2. Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas : K D Prasad, Khanna Pub.



Name of Reference Books:

1. Network, Lines and Fields, Ryder, 2


Ed., PHI

2. Electromagnetic Fields – Jordan & Ballman, PHI.


3. Electromagnetic Field Theory and Transmission Lines Networks, Raju, 2




Ed., Pearson Education.

4. Elements of Engineering Electromagnetics, N.N. Rao, 5




Ed., PHI.

5. Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas : Collins: TMH





Antennas and Wave Propagation: G.S.N. Raju, Pearson Education



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