CSVTU BE V Semester Electrical Engineering Electronic Instrumentation Syllabus

CSVTU BE V Semester EE Electronic Instrumentation  Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

Semester: 5th Branch: Electrical

Subject: Electronic Instrumentation

Total Theory Periods: 40 Total Tut Periods: 12

Total Marks in End Semester Exam: 80

Minimum number of Class tests to be conducted: 2

UNIT I: Digital electronic instruments

Introduction, specifications of digital meters, resolution, sensitivity, accuracy, average/true root mean

square, crest factor, form factor, zero or offset frequency response, input resistance, input bias current.

Digital voltmeters, Ramp technique, dual slope integrating type DVM

UNIT II: Transducers

Passive and active electrical transducers: resistive, capacitive, inductive, piezoelectric, photovoltaic, Hall

effect transducers, selection of transducers, transducers characteristics, semiconductor photo-diode,

photo transistor, frequency generating transducers, pressure inductive transducers, LVDT, differential

output transducer, thermistor, strain gauge, measurement of angular and linear velocity using electrical

transducers, reluctance pulse pick-ups, AC tachogenerators.

UNIT III: Data acquisition system (DAS) and recorders

Introduction of DAS, objective of DAS, signal conditioning of inputs, single and multi-channel DAS,

computer based DAS, sample and hold, multiplexing, D/A, A/D conversion, general description of Data

loggers, digital transducers, optical encoders, resistive digital encoders, shaft encoders.

Recorders: introduction, Strip chart recorders, general description of XY recorders, galvanometer type

recorders, potentiometric recorders.

UNIT IV: Oscilloscope & Signal Generations

Introduction, Basic Principal, CRT Feature, Block diagram of oscilloscope, simple CRO, Vertical amplifier,

horizontal defecting system Triggered source CRO, typical CRT connection, measurement of Frequency

& phase by Lissajous Figures.

Signal generator: Introduction, sine wave generators, audio Frequency and Radio frequency signal

generation, Function generators, Sequence & phase generators

UNIT V: Programmable Logic Controllers:


Introduction of PLC, PLC structure & operations response time, Basic ladder diagram, PLC

resisters, Timer & counters, PLC, DC & AC i/ps. Module for PLC, Basic Process of PLC, PLC Hard ware

& Configuration PLC hard ware components.

Text Books:

1. Electronic Instrumentation by H S Kalsi.

2. Electronic Instruments and Instrumentation Technology” by M.M.S. Anand, PHI Pbs.

Reference Books:

1. “

Electrical Measurement

”, Kalsi, TMH Pbs.

2. “

Transducers And Instrumentation

”, Murthy, PHI Pbs.



Electronic Instrumentation And Measurement Techniques

”, Cooper, PHI Pbs.

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