CSVTU BE V Semester EEE Rotating Electrical Machines Syllabus

CSVTU BE V Semester EEE Rotating Electrical Machines Syllabus

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai (C.G.)

Semester: B.E. V Sem. Branch: Electrical & Electronics Engg.

Subject: Rotating Electrical Machines

Total Theory Periods: 40 Total Tutorial Periods:12

Total Marks in End SEM Exam: 80

Min no. of class to be conducted: Two

UNIT-1 Electrical Machine Principles & Single phase Induction motors:

Construction, Types,

Characteristics of Single Phase Machines- Different types of single phase induction motors, Stepper

motor, Reluctance motor, mechanical speed & frequency relation, mmf of concentrated & distributed

winding, Emf equation, winding factors, torque & voltage in salient and non salient pole machines, Rotating

magnetic field, Torque production in synchronous, induction machines

UNIT-2Synchronous Machines:

Theory of non-salient pole machines, emf equation, basic synchronous

machine models, equivalent circuit & phasor diagrams of synchronous machines, Saturation effect,

armature reaction , open circuit short circuit & zero pf lag tests on synchronous machines, synchronous

reactance, voltage regulation of alternators with constant synchronous reactance, load characteristics of

alternator, Testing of synchronous generators, excitation systems of alternators.

UNIT-3Synchronous Machines:

Generator input & output, characteristics parallel operation of

synchronous machines, operation of synchronous machines with infinite bus bars, active & reactive power

flows, general load diagram, V curve & Inverted V curves, steady state power angle characteristics,

synchronizing torque, parallel operation of synchronous machines, effect of excitation on power factor, load

sharing, effect of change in prime mover input.

UNIT-4 Synchronous Machines

: Theory of Salient pole synchronous machines, two-reaction

theory, phasor diagram, power angle characteristics, determination of Xd, Xq, stiffness of coupling,

synchronous condenser, circle diagrams of synchronous motors, hunting in synchronous machines,

damper winding, Testing of synchronous motor.

UNIT-5Polyphase Induction Machines:

Cage & slip ring motors, frequency transformation and energy

conversion, equivalent circuit, phasor diagram, normalized torque-speed (slip) relationships, starting &

speed control of induction motors, cogging & crawling, double cage induction motors, testing of induction

motors, circle diagram, induction generators


Text Books

1. P.S. Bhimbra, Electric Machinery.(7th

ed Khanna Pub

2. Nagrath & Kothari, Electric Machines.(2


ed TMH)

3. J. B. Gupta.Electrical Machines(S.K.Kataria & sons)

Ref. Books

1 Filzgerald & Kingsely, Electric Machines.(6th

ed TMH)

2. M .G. Say – Performance & Designing of AC Machines(3


ed CBS Pub)

3. Mukharjee & Chakravarty, Electric Machines.(2


ed Dhanpat Rai & Sons)

4. Electrical Machinery and Transformer by Guru, Oxford Publication

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