CSVTU BE IV Semester EEE Electrical Power System I Syllabus

CSVTU BE IV Semester EEE Electrical Power System I Syllabus


Semester: 4th Branch: Electrical & Electrionics Engg.

Subject: Electrical Power System-I

Total Theory Periods: 40 Total Tut Periods: 12

Total Marks in End Semester Exam: 80

Minimum number of Class tests to be conducted: 2


Over head lines: solid conductors, stranded conductors, bundled conductors, skin effect, proximity effects, inductance and capacitance of single-phase, three-phase single circuit and double circuit lines, concept of GMD, transposition of lines, effect of earth on capacitance of transmission lines.


Transmission Lines: representation of transmission line, single line diagram, per unit quantity, Characteristics and performance of transmission lines, transmission lines as four terminal networks, nominal-T, nominal-



equivalent-T, and equivalent- representation of transmission lines, A, B, C, D constants, distributed parameters of long lines, hyperbolic solutions, Ferrantii effect, surge impedance loadings, power flow equations.


Generator voltage control, line drop compensation by static capacitors and reactors, induction voltage regulators, control of voltage profile, control of active and reactive power, calculation of synchronous phase modifier capacity, on-load tap changing transformer, control cost in AC and DC system, basis of selection for line voltage, AC and DC distribution systems, voltage drop calculation.


Types of cables, insulation resistance of cables, capacitance of cables, dielectric stress, capacitance grading of cables, use of inter-sheaths, power factor of cables, sag and tension calculation.

UNIT V: Traveling Waves

Transients in power systems, wave equation, characteristic impedance, energy and power surge, velocity,

traveling wave phenomenon in open circuited and short circuited lines, lines with series reactive termination,

junction of two dissimilar lines, repeated reflections, Bewley’s Lattice diagram.

Text Books:

1. “

Elements of Power Systems”, Stevenson, 4th


2. “

Power System Engineering

”, Nagrath Kothari, TMH Pbs.

Reference Books:

1. “

A Course In Electrical Power

”, Soni, Gupta and Bhatnagar, Dhanpat Rai.

2. Electrical power systems, Ashfaq Hussain, CBS Pbs.

Electrical power systems, C. L. Wadhwa, New Age Pbs.

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