CSVTU BE IV Semester ET&T Electrical Machines Syllabus


Semester: B.E. 4th Sem. Branch: Electronics & Telecom.

Subject: Electrical Machines


Unit-1 DC Machines


Construction of DC Machines, Generator action, EMF equations, Operating characteristics of DC

generators, Motor action, Development of torque equation, Operating characteristics of DC Motors,

Starting and speed control of DC Motors, Losses, Efficiency, Application.

Unit-2 Transformer

Construction, Principle of operation, Transformation ratio, equivalent circuit diagram, phasor diagram,

efficiency, voltage regulation.

Three phase transformer, types, different connections of three phase transformer

Unit-3 Alternator

Construction, Principle of operation, single phase & poly-phase winding pitch and distribution factor, emf

equation, phasor diagram, synchronous reactance & impedance, voltage regulation by synchronous

impedance methods.

Unit-4 Phase Induction Motors

Construction, Principle of operation, wound rotor and squirrel cage type rotors, equivalent circuit diagram,

phasor diagram, torque-slip characteristics, Methods of starting & speed control of induction motors,

losses, efficiency.

Unit-5 Synchronous Motor and Drives

Construction and principle of operation, phasor diagram, effect of excitation on power factor, synchronous

condenser, methods of starting of synchronous motors, construction and starting methods of single phase

induction motor, servo motor.

Name of the Text Books :

1. I.J. Nagrath and D.P. Kothari, “Electric Machines”, Tata McGraw Hill

2. B.L. Thareja, “Text Book of Electrical Technology Vol. II”, S. Chand Publication

Name of Reference Books :

1. P.S. Bhimra, “Electric Machinery”, Khanna Publications.

2. P.K. Mukherjee, S. Chakraortyi, “Electric Machinery”, Dhapat Rai Publications.

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