CSVTU BE III Semester ET&T Basic Electronics Syllabus


Semester :B.E. 3 Sem. Branch:Electronics & Telecommunication

Subject:Basic Electronics

Unit – I

Introduction, Transport Phenomena in semiconductor, Formation of P-N Junction, Properties of P-N

Junction, P-N Junction Diodes; Semiconductor Diodes, V-I Characteristics, Effect of Temperature on V-I

Characteristics, Ideal Diode, Diode equation, Diode Resistance, Diode Capacitance: Transition and

Diffusion Capacitance.

Unit – II

Rectifying circuits and DC Power Supplies: Load line analysis of diode circuit, Half wave rectifier: Voltage

regulation, Ripple factor, ratio of rectification, Transformer Utilization factor. Full wave rectifier, Bridge

rectifier. Filter circuits for power supply: Inductor filter, Capacitor filter, LC filter, Multiple LC filter, CLC



filter. Zener diode: Break down mechanism, Characteristics, Specifications, Voltage regulator circuit

using zener diode.



Unit – III

Transistor: Introduction, Construction, Types: npn and pnp, Current components. Transistor as an

amplifier, Transistor Characteristics, Transistor Circuit Configuration: Common Base (CB) Configuration,

Common Emitter (CE) Configuration, Common Collector Configuration (CC), Early Effect. Ebers-Moll

Model, Maximum Voltage Ratings.

Unit – IV

Transistor Biasing and Thermal stabilization: The operating point, Bias stability, Stability factor, Emitter

bias, Collector – to – base bias, Voltage divider bias with emitter bias, Emitter bypass capacitor. Bias


Unit – V

Field Effect Transistor (FET): Introduction, Construction, Operation, V-I Characteristics, Transfer

Characteristics, Drain Characteristics, Small-Signal Model.

Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET): Introduction, Construction, Operation and

characteristics, Depletion MOSFET, Enhancement MOSFET.

Name of Text Books:

1. Integrated Electronics: Analog & Digital Circuit Systems – Jacob Millman & Halkias, TMH.

2. Electronic Devices & Circuits – Allen Mottershead, PHI.

Name of Reference Books:

1. Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory – Boylestad & Nashelsky, 8


Ed. PHI.


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